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19th July 2018

Social media sensation Jude Moore sings, wits, models, and makes fitness look effortless. Lucky him! What’s more, he’s a total gent, and we recently grabbed a cuppa with Jude ahead of the release of new single Leaving Home…

Hey Jude. You pretty much own social media. What was your first Insta post, and what did you initially make of the platform?
Well, erm I think I’ve archived it now but it was a picture of a yankee candle haha! I really didn’t understand social media back then, I was more of a Facebook guy.

Were you a Myspace boy, and if so what was the song playing on your profile?
Yes! I was a My space guy. The song playing on my profile was Shabadee and Skibadee – they were two drum and base MC’s and it was a little clip of one of their sets. I actually did a little bit of MCing back in the day. I’m a man of many talents!

What do you think has separated and excelled yourself on social media compared to others? What makes Jude Moore different?
Well what makes me different without making me sound big headed, is that there are a lot of people that take photos for the sake of getting likes – street style stuff and no substance behind it. They’re just like everybody else, taking photos for the sake of taking photos. I can sit on a wheelie bin, (because I genuinely need to sit down) take a picture and still make the shot look good. I enjoy that, you know, creating an aesthetic. I like to make myself look good when taking pictured but I don’t spend years editing my pictures – I take a picture and upload it. I just keep it cool, vibey and in the moment, you know what I mean.


Jude Moore Sport Model
Jude wears SD Tricot Top


Hey Jude. We’ve covered social media, now it’s time to talk modelling. You’re not afraid to bare (mostly) all online – how do you keep in shape?
You know, the usual boring stuff. I go to the gym a lot, because you know, I hate denying myself anything food wise. Life is for living, so I enjoy food, but I also want to look after myself, and I swim a lot. Some people think, “Ahh you love yourself too much” but you have to look after yourself because your body is your shell. Just like a car, you have to keep yourself well-oiled, keep yourself looking good, from the inside out.

Has your looks hindered or helped your musical ambitions, and whatever the answer, why?
I genuinely believe that my looks do not come into it – no seriously haha, I really don’t think looks matter. If you have the talent and you have a good voice, looks shouldn’t really matter, but if you haven’t got the voice and still think you can sing then I guess you need your looks!

Talk us through your style?
Musically, I grew up listening to all genres, from reggae, dub, to rock and indie, so my style is the punk of the streets, acoustic with a dash of ska, and a pinch of indie. It’s that British bang bang (shouts) that’s what I call it – my own mash up. My fashion style varies believe it or not. Yes, I do love a jogging bottom and a good pair of trainers, but I actually love a tailored trouser too. What I wear depends on my mood and how I’m feeling. I don’t think I have a particular style because it’s so varied, it can be so different but as long as it makes me feel good I’ll put it on.


Jude Moore Singer styling Superdry
Jude wearing the Retro Stripe Box Fit T-Shirt


What did you pick out from Superdry, and did your take on the brand change after visiting us? Be honest, we can handle the truth…
Wow! I was pleasantly surprised! The last time I was in Superdry was a couple of years ago and I bought a few t shirts and a few jumpers, but I’d never really thought about shopping in Superdry as one of my go to shops. But when you guys kindly invited me down I was like woah! The tracksuits in here, the t -shirts, the jogging bottoms – they are all on point, the pieces are sick! Speaking as a person that knows their style and appreciates fashion, Superdry is definitely on par with every other cool brand out there. I’m definitely back on the Superdry wave.

Who are your idols in the fields of celebrity and modelling?
For me modelling has to be Mark ‘Marky Mark ‘Wahlberg, because he was the only model I’d ever seen give the middle finger in an ad campaign. He’s full of attitude and confidence, really being himself, staying true to himself and that’s how I like to be – authentic. Celebrity wise it has to be the one and only Muhammad Ali – he’s helped me through a lot of things in my life – I’ve studied that man and I know everything about him. I was even blessed to have the chance once to talk to his lovely daughters. His positivity through his words just encourages me to push harder because we all know he came from nothing and ended up being one of the most talked about and greatest men of all time.

Hey Jude, it’s time to talk music, as that’s what you do. How would you introduce your sound?
My sound is: the streets of London, gritty, raw, inspired by Punk, Jamie T, Just Jack. There you go have a full English on me (Laughs).

Your new single is called ‘Leaving Home’. Asides from the literal, what’s this song about? Give us the deeper meaning other than just packing a suitcase!
This song is actually a true story. I left my Mum’s house when I was 17 with nothing, no toothbrush and no phone – I walked out the front door with a black bag filled with a few clothes. it was either sink or swim so I swam.

Bucket list goals in your music career?
It’s simple really, to make some great music, work with some great people and just spread love through music, like jam on toast!


Jude Moore Latest Album Cover



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Jude Moore wears
SD Tricot Taped Track Pants 
SD Tricot Taped Track Top 
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Retro Stripe Box Fit T-Shirt

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