Here’s How To Wear Your Gym Clothes To The Park

30th April 2021


Making the transition from indoor workouts to fitness classes in the park? You’ll want to adapt your usual gym clothing to suit the terrain. 

What is the best gym wear for outdoor workouts?

Whether you’re doing your own thing in the park or joining an organised fitness class, getting your kit right is crucial to a good workout.

The first thing to look at is investing in high-performance clothing with technical sweat-wicking properties. Whatever type of workout you’re doing, moisture-wicking clothing ensures that sweat doesn’t linger on your skin. This means you won’t get cold from sweat, and the clothes are breathable – as sweat is carried out, air is also allowed in, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Also consider whether your workout gear is waterproof or water-resistant as there’s no telling what the weather might do. It’s best to be prepared for anything when training outside. 

Finally, while your gym kit needs to perform, you also want to look good when working out. So look for pieces with details you love, from leggings with a side pocket to hold your phone to tops with eye-catching design details. 

Our choice of gym clothes from top to toe

  • Cap: Keep your hair off your face with a peaked cap.

Superdry Black Runners Cap


  • Sports bra: An essential for every woman, a good sports bra lets you focus on your workout.

Superdry Sport Training Seamless Power Bra

  • Vest: Keep cool in this dynamic mesh cropped tank top.

Superdry Sport Training Mesh Tank Top

  • T-shirt: Tank top not your style? Choose a moisture-wicking T-shirt instead.

Superdry Sport Training Essential T-Shirt in Burgundy Claret

  • Shorts: Essential for the hottest of days, these shorts feature stylish ribbed detailing.

Superdry Flex Seamless Tight Shorts

  • Leggings: High-waisted with mesh cut-out panels, these leggings are flexible enough to move with you.

Superdry Flex Mesh Leggings in Black

  • Jacket: This lightweight layer will keep you dry if you get caught in the rain. 

Lightweight running jacket in pink

  • Extra layer: You can cool down quickly so take a hoodie, puffer jacket or gilet to keep you warm until you get home.

Sports Training Half Zip Overhead Hoodie in Duck Green

What are the best shoes for fitness classes?

Good trainers are a must for any outdoor training sessions, but the best workout shoes depend on the workouts you’ll be doing. 

If you’re mostly going to be running, invest in a good pair of running shoes, like the lightweight Hyper Core Crystal Runner Trainers. If you’re into strength training and heavy lifting, go for dedicated lifting shoes which are firm and flat, allowing you to power down into the ground for strong, powerful lifts.

Superdry Hyper Core Crystal Runner Trainers

For flexibility to do lots of different activities, choose an all-rounder that offers some shock absorption, cushioning and stability to ensure you’re safe and strong whatever you’re doing. 

Whatever shoes you choose, make sure that they’re a good fit. Your heel shouldn’t slip out when you walk (or run, or jump), but there should be enough room to wiggle your toes.

How to keep your kit clean

When you’re working out a lot, your washing machine is on a constant cycle – but there’s even more to consider now you’re potentially dealing with grass and dirt as well as sweat in your outdoor sessions. 

Luckily, high-tech kit with moisture-wicking properties is easy to keep clean. It may sound counterintuitive but rather than throwing your workout clothes straight into the washing machine, leave them out to breathe for a while first. Then, turn your clothes inside out and wash on a cool cycle to keep them looking and performing at their best.

Take your workout outside

Whatever type of workout you’re doing, you want kit that looks good, feels good and performs well. Shop our Sport Performance collection by your workout style, or select the type of clothing you need to piece together hard-working and hard-wearing outfits for all your outdoor workouts.

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