The Hen Party Ideas Abroad Guide

9th May 2017

Stuck for hen party ideas? Want to avoid the L plates and willy straws? (Okay, fine, you can take a couple of willy straws). Then here’s a round up of the best places for a hen do abroad to check the bride and her girls into, spanning across Europe and even stretching over to the US.


You’ve probably seen a fair few beauty bloggers soaking up the Mykonos sun in their Snapchat stories and to be fair, they’ve got the right idea. Plan a trip to this glam destination and come back with a tan and a full Instagram feed, after sending off the bride in style.

Flight time: 3h 50m from London airports

Wear this: Opt for a halter neck bikini top and pair this with frayed denim shorts – add heeled sandals and a clutch for those afternoon pool parties that go on into the night.

Plan a hen party activity:

Camp at Paradise Beach

Price: between €5-€8 for accommodation, €90 to reserve a table

Paradise Beach is the party hotspot, but instead of paying out hundreds to stay overnight in a room, book a camping spot to save some cash for the bars later. Head to Guapoloca beach at 10pm every day for the Body Paint party featuring UV paint and neon lights and every Saturday there’s a Toga Party – perfect for hens who want to relive their Uni days and dress up in bed sheets.HenParty_Krakow

The home of great vodka and good looking bars to hop between, Krakow is climbing the charts when it comes to the hen do abroad. Cheap flights (bless you Ryanair), cheap accommodation and cheap booze are what makes Krakow one of the perfect hen party destinations.

Flight time: 2h 30 direct from London airports

Wear this: You just can’t go wrong with the classic ‘skinny jeans and a nice top’ combo for a day of exploring, with the addition of heels for the evening. Add some sashes, a veil for the bride and you’re good to go.

Plan a hen party activity:  

Vodka tasting  

Price: 290zł (around £60)

You’d be mad to visit Krakow and not sample some of the good stuff. Plan a trip on a vodka tasting bar crawl and enjoy taking different flavoured shots of the traditional spirit, accompanied by platters of Polish bar food. The idea is to get tipsy, not totally sloshed, so plan to move on to a club nearby once you’re done.HenParty_Las-Vegas

Ain’t no party like a Vegas party – think casinos, Elvis impersonators, bright lights, cocktails in penthouses, stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger…wait, no, don’t do that.

Flights are a little lengthy but you can get the party started with Prosecco on the plane and once you’re on that glittering strip, sitting in a tiny seat and breathing in the same processed air for hours will feel worth it.

Flight time: 10h 40 direct from London airports

Wear this: A little black dress is a good call for the evening but embrace the bikini by day, as you lounge by the pool – probably nursing a fantastic cocktail hangover.

Plan a hen party activity:

Explore the best bars and casinos

When in Vegas you need to pay a visit to a couple of the big casinos and hotels but you should also head downtown for a pub crawl, where the drinks are way cheaper – Beauty Bar is a popular spot where you can enjoy a ‘martini and a manicure’ as well as live music.

Insanity Statosphere

Price: $25

Book a place for the group on the Insanity ride, a mechanical arm that extends 64ft over the edge of the Stratosphere tower, which stands at around 900ft.

You’ll find yourself tilted into a ‘down’ position, so you get a great (aka stomach turning) view of downtown Vegas below before being spun at speeds of up to three G’s. Maybe skip breakfast that day and offer extra shots for the girls who take up the challenge.

HenParty_LeipzigA city that’s been revamped by creatives, Leipzig has a thriving tourist and nightlife scene now – you could check out a techno club, sip German beer, take a look around an art installation and pay a visit to its famous vegan kebab shop. (It’s open until 11pm, perfect for when you need to soak up some alcohol before moving on to the next bar.)

Flight time: 1h 30m direct from London airports

Wear this: Fit in with the artists living in the centre in an all black ensemble, chunky heels and an embroidered jacket.

Plan a hen party activity:

Row, row, row a boat
Price: €33 a day or €7.50 per hour

If you fancy a laugh, rent out some folding boats and get out on the canal. It’s a fun way of checking out the city but even funnier to watch everyone attempting to navigate the water. Pack some champers in your day bag to make things a little more interesting.

Locate the clubs

Price: varies between clubs

A major club in the city, even if you aren’t into old school techno with the pounding bass and wild dancing, Distillery will still get the party started. There’s also Täubchenthal which is relatively new with a huge dance floor, massive chandeliers and a well stocked bar. The party doesn’t even stop when you need a toilet break, with live DJs performing in the bathrooms too.


We’re not gonna lie (and the clue is kind of in the name), Iceland’s a little chilly – but there are plenty of bars offering enough spirits to warm up your insides and geothermal springs and lagoons to take a cheeky dip in.

Flight time: 3h 20m direct from London airports

Wear this: For daytime activities, athleisure is the best option, so pack your joggers and a comfy hoodie. For the evening, swap this for a jumpsuit and heels and finish off with a leather jacket.

Plan a hen party activity:

Hot spring hunt

Price: 12,990 ISK (around £94)

It’s no secret that Iceland is home to stunning, wild landscapes, so push the bride out of her comfort zone with a casual hike to look for some natural hot springs to take a dip in. It’s the perfect daytime activity before hitting the bars later.

Actual conversation when the bride gets home:

‘So, what did you do on your hen party?’

‘Oh, y’know, the usual. Bathed in some rivers, jumped in a hot spring, tried to avoid developing pneumonia on the way out…’

Bar crawl in the centre

Head to the centre of Reykjavík in the evening where you’ll find all the best bars; the Lebowski Bar is a good starting point for drinks at Happy Hour and Ölstofan is great for getting close to the locals and sampling the rather extensive cocktail menu. Drinks can be a little pricey, so look for the places offering deals.

Don’t forget…

Hen party hand luggage

Only hardcore hen parties go on for more than two or three nights, therefore you should be able to get away with just packing hand luggage that you can squeeze into the overhead hold all. Here’s a hen party checklist featuring what to pack for a weekend getaway:

Tick these items off:

  • Fancy dress for the first night – obligatory for every hen party.
  • Day shoes – we don’t want to sound like your Mum but you do need to wear something that isn’t going to destroy your pinkie toes.
  • Athleisurewear for day activities – think fitted t-shirts and shorts or capri leggings.
  • Going ‘out out’ clothes – jumpsuits and dresses are easy to throw on.
  • Hangover cures – paracetamol, ibuprofen; whatever gets you through the day.
  • Mini toiletries – ensure each one is under 100ml, so you aren’t frisked at the airport.

Ready to double check that passport’s in date, prepare for the raised eyebrows when the airport staff spot the copious amounts of glitter in your hand luggage and start the party early at the airport? Don’t forget to look up our holiday shop before you go.