Heart to Heart with Hannah Jane Lewis

20th June 2018

Hannah Jane Lewis is pop music at its purist and coolest, to put it simply. Eccentric music videos, catchy choruses, and a cult legion of fans, Hannah might just be your new not-so-guilty pleasure…

You’re giving pop music the best rep! What are the underrated and credible qualities of pop? 

Ah yay thank you! Well sometimes I think people who don’t get pop think it’s easy to write a pop song, but I actually think it’s the complete opposite. As simple as a pop song may sound, I think the simplicity is the most difficult thing to nail. A pop song has to have tonnes of energy, emotion and a part that people want to sing over and over again – not to mention lyrics that people can connect too. All under 3 minutes 30…or actually less these days! To me that’s the most underrated quality and no easy feat!

Unashamed guilty pleasure, and then an unsuspecting song that you vibe?

Unashamed guilty pleasure is ‘with you’ by Jessica Simpson – I still remember every word from when I was younger. An unsuspecting song – as much as I’m a pop-head I actually spent a lot of my teen years listening to rap. I think ‘Violent Crimes’ on the new Kanye album is great, and also ‘This is America’ by Childish Gambino is so great- the music video blows my mind!

You tour schools giving music career advice – what’s your ethos, and what misconceptions do you often have to correct? Over to you Miss Lewis!

So, I go to different schools and inspire them to do what they love, so lots of the time it’s not just music we talk about but in general a completely different kind of dream that they may have. When it comes to music though I get asked a lot if they should go on the X factor/if I am going to, and I always like to tell them that that’s not the only way to get into the music industry! And also just to make sure that they figure out who they are first and what they want their sound to be, before they jump into the craziness of the music industry. There’s always that clouding temptation to be like everyone else and listen to everyone else’s opinions on who you should be to get louder!

Field Day Festival Style
Hannah is wearing the Colour Block Cagoule and Riley Girlfriend Jeans


Your music videos are eccentric, glittered to the max and even have 80s game console effects going on – where’s your head at when visioning these?

I’ve always looked up to eccentric pop stars who have larger than life visuals. I think that’s one of the great things about pop, that you can be super eccentric visually and there’s no such thing as going too far – because it’s pop! So I wanted to do the same for my first music video. Also, when I got the opportunity to cover myself head to toe in glitter I jumped at the chance, it was a bucket list achieved!

What’s your new single Frozen Frames about?

It’s about the space between not being fully broken up but also not being together anymore. It’s feeling like everything is on pause and almost frozen, and just waiting for it all to go back to normal again. It’s a sad one but there’s tonnes of hope in it – it’s loving someone enough to play the waiting game.

Frozen Frames Album Cover

What have you frozen out of your life this year?

Worrying about things I can’t control! I can be a bit of a control freak which doesn’t blend very well with the craziness of being in the music industry. So lately I feel like I’ve just thrown caution to the wind which has been way more fun.

Ultimate moment of your music career so far you’d have framed for all the family to see on the mantelpiece?

I think when BBC radio 1 chose ‘Raincheck’ as their introducing track of the week. All the DJs played it and it was such a pinch me moment –  I’ve grown up listening to that radio station so to hear my song on there was such a dream come true! I cried when it happened and I NEVER cry! #icequeen

We had the pleasure of your company backstage at Field Day Festival this month! Can you give the Superdry readers a story of your day?

Ah it was so fun!! So Superdry had their own little VIP area, which was dreamy. Lots of drinks, and also clothes (the best!) and we had a little photo shoot too which I loved. I watched Au / Ra on the Superdry stage – I’ve been wanting to see her live for ages so it was awesome to watch her set. G-Flip was also awesome! I basically had a great day, thanks for inviting me!

Hannah Jane Lewis at Field Day Festival
Hannah is wearing the Hooded Half Zip Windbreaker Jacket


Style time – what did you pick out from Superdry, and what did you wear to Field Day?

From Superdry I picked out some ripped boyfriend dreams which I LOVE, and wore to Field Day infact! A cute little Bardot dress, a classic denim jacket, silver puffer and another one of Superdry’s classic windbreaker jackets which I also wore to field day! One of my favourite picks though was this glitter bum bag – as you know now, anything that involves glitter is an immediate obsession for me! Thanks for the shopping trip Superdry!

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