Guys – how to style a smart jacket

8th February 2017

A smart jacket is a style staple every guy needs in his wardrobe and it’s a good idea to have at least two hanging up and ready to go – one for adding a smart touch to your everyday workwear and the other for impressing a dinner date in a classy restaurant.

We recommend taking your smart jacket and styling the rest of your look around this statement piece. But if you feel like a bit of a novice, here are a few suggestions on how to style a smart jacket from morning to night.

Supremacy Jersey Blazer


Start your day off smart

Got the alarm set for a job interview or early morning meeting? Then you need a jacket that makes an impression as soon as you walk through the door and shake hands. A duster jacket or a long line blazer – in a different shade to your bottom half, perhaps a charcoal grey over black tailored trousers – is a great choice.

When it comes to styling, you can leave this smart jacket on throughout the meeting, or shrug it off to reveal a freshly pressed white shirt – don’t hesitate to opt for a shirt requiring cufflinks and slide a matching tie pin in place to nail that professional look. A pocket handkerchief might sound a little old fashioned, but it’s one of the easiest ways of adding a little flair to an otherwise plain ensemble and will get you remembered. Choose one in a bold colour, a strong red or regal blue always looks good.

Finally, when it comes to grooming, a clean shaven face isn’t always the best choice. It’s 2017, so you can definitely get away with a neat beard. Simply give it a trim, shave any rough edges and dab on some scented oil to keep everything in place.

For this look, we recommend: The Supremacy Jersey Blazer in navy marl.

This fitted smart jacket features soft jersey material that will make the right impression and carry you through to the weekend.

Rookie Pea Coat


Understated smart

Off for lunch (or even brunch)? You’re going to need a jacket that treads the line between smart and casual. This is a piece of outerwear that can be thrown on, over the traditional fitted t-shirt and jeans look for understated style while you tuck into your avocado on toast. The look complements darker coloured jeans and well worn ankle boots. Throw on a thin scarf – worn loose – over the top when you leave the house and you’re done.

We recommend: Our Rookie Pea Coat, in black.

This fitted jacket features a structured shoulder, a cool military style cut and strong button detail.  It’s best worn with the collar turned up for that bad boy vibe while maintaining a smart presence.

Supremacy Dinner Jacket


Dress up to get down

For swoon worthy style, you can’t go wrong with a well fitting, structured dinner jacket and the beauty of this design is that it can be mixed and matched with both tailored trousers and dark jeans. For a special occasion pair your dinner jacket with a bold bow tie, a crisp white shirt and straight leg suit trousers.  You’ll see other guys taking notes.

The life of the party

If the evening is a more casual affair then the dinner jacket is still a good call, but it can be easily paired with darker coloured jeans, a plain white t-shirt and some comfortable ankle boots. Wear it open, with the sleeves rolled up.  You’re now ready to perch near the bar or make your way to the dance floor – whatever your party preference.

We recommend: The Supremacy Dinner Jacket, in black.

The name says it all – supreme quality and a design that carries itself across whatever the occasion in your diary. The dinner jacket beats the blazer any day and definitely makes an impression, as it subtly nods towards those gone by eras of charm and eloquence.

So, guys, it’s time to put your new found knowledge to the test. Pick up a jacket to work with whatever you have planned in your day and be sure to style the rest of your look around this. A statement piece of outerwear is the perfect base for a professional look.  Check out the rest of our jackets range right here on the site.

Feature image photo credit: @rowanrow