A Guide to Ski Fashion & What to Wear to Stay Warm Skiing

28th January 2019

Your winter holiday is fast approaching and you need to find the perfect ski attire. A ski jacket will be your ultimate companion on the slopes – you’ll need this to be warm, practical and durable and you’ll also want to look the part. So we’re here to help you find what to wear in the snow with our top tips and help you get excited about your vacation.

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Ski fashion trends for 2019

Here’s how to style up your ski outfit this season:


  • Retro parkas – Look for fluffy fur-lined hoods and oversized styles for 70s and 80s retro-inspired looks.
  • Monochrome – Put the near fluorescent ski trousers down, this season it’s all about black, white and grey for a sleek, stylish look on piste.
  • Leather and fur accents – It’s all in the details, a leather look jacket or a faux fur embellishment will give your ski attire an instant upgrade.
  • Chunky knit balaclavas – Snoods are great but all-encompassing balaclavas worthy of your Nan’s knitting needles are bright and bold – ideal for adding a pop of colour to a monochromatic ski outfit.


Now you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to buy those pieces to make up the perfect ski attire for the season ahead. Looking good means you’ll need to feel confident in whatever you choose – as well as it being warm and totally functional. The main focus is the ski jacket and we’ve detailed what you need to look for in our guide below.


What to look for in a ski jacket?

The type of jacket you opt for will depend on what type of skier you are. Most are in the category of piste skiers and will, therefore, have more of a choice.


If you’re a piste skier, in cold conditions you’ll need good insulation – in slightly warmer conditions you could go for a shell jacket with added layers underneath.


If you’re a backcountry skier you’ll need protection from rougher conditions and freestyle skiers will be more likely to want something lightweight that lends itself to layering.


So what’s most important to you when you’re skiing?


While you obviously want to be warm and dry, you’ll need some breathability from your jacket – especially if you’re challenging yourself and picking up speed!


There are lots of factors to keep in mind and you need to work out what’s most important for you. We’ve rounded up what to look for below.


  1. Waterproof material
  2. High collar
  3. Lots of pockets
  4. A decent hood
  5. Long sleeves
  6. A snow skirt
  7. An on-trend colour


Waterproof and breathable

Invest in a jacket with a fabric that keeps you dry but also allows the heat you have generated while exercising to escape.


High collar

This could be your saviour. A high collar makes for ideal protection from the elements not only for your neck, but for the whole bottom half of your face.


Extra pockets

Zip pockets are an essential aspect of your dream ski jacket. Whether you want to take an Instagram-worthy selfie at the top of your run or keep your phone with you in case of emergencies, you’ll need a waterproof internal zip pocket for your phone to live in. You’ll also need a pocket on the outside of your jacket for easy access to your electronic lift pass.

mens ski jacket with hood womens lightweight down jacket


To reduce the risk of head injuries, a helmet should definitely be a part of your ski outfit. So consider investing in a jacket with a hood that fits over the top of your headgear. Even if you don’t want the hood up when you’re skiing or snowboarding – not many people do – it’s handy to have a hood big enough to go over your helmet for those chillier times waiting for and sitting on the chair-lift.


Long sleeves

Snow up your sleeves? No thanks. Long sleeves limit the chance of this happening – if the jacket has cuffs that hook over your thumbs, even better!


Snow skirt

Another great way keep the snow out. Some snow skirts are detachable, but no matter what kind you go for, this is the ideal feature to keep your base layer bone dry while you show off your skills.


The perfect colour for you

You’re wanting to know how to look good skiing – but you will also want this jacket to serve a purpose when you’re not cruising and carving. These jackets can be so handy in the winter months for the pure fact they’re built for extreme cold conditions, so choose something in a colour you’ll want to wear on and off the slopes. Monochromatic shades are in this season and everyone looks good in black and white.

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So, what is the warmest ski jacket?

An insulated jacket offers the warmth a basic shell jacket can’t. With shell jackets you’ll need to layer up, which can be spot on for a freestyle skier, but an insulated jacket is the ultimate investment for the cold weather and for winter sports holidays in general.


There are different types of insulation to look out for when selecting your new jacket. If you’re looking for something lightweight but extremely warm, down ski jackets are the ideal companion. Although they aren’t built for getting wet because they’ll lose their insulation, they’re absolutely perfect for keeping you warm on a walk or for your apres-ski activities.


However, if you can get your hands on a hydrophobic down jacket you will find the water-resistance you’re looking for from your ski jacket.


Puffer ski jackets come with both down and synthetic insulation. Synthetic insulation is made from polyester making it great for wet conditions (these types of jacket also dry very quickly) but not as good for keeping you warm.


What fit?

The functional aspect of this jacket is very important but this is ski fashion we’re talking about – you want to know how to look good skiing, too.


Do you want something that fits snug to your shape? If so, a slim fitting jacket is what you’re after. This is an extremely popular choice.


If you would prefer to layer underneath your jacket but don’t want the overall look to be too bulky, a regular fitting jacket is ideal.


If you like room to move and manoeuver then a loose fit is definitely for you – snowboarders this is what you’re looking for!


Whether you want a slim fit snow jacket with a high collar or a regular fitting parka with a snuggly fluffy hood, you’ll find what you’re looking for from your winter ski season outerwear with the help of our top tips.


What to wear when skiing


  1. Ski Jacket
  2. Ski Trousers
  3. Helmet
  4. Base Layers
  5. Ski Gloves
  6. Ski Goggles
  7. Ski Socks
  8. Snow Boots
  9. Neck Warmer
  10. Ski Hat


Now we’ve helped you find the perfect jacket type, colour and fit, you’ll need to get packing the rest of your kit. Below are our top 10 ski attire essentials that should be on your list.

Ski Jacket

How could we do a whole feature on ski jackets and not put this top of the list?! It’s the ultimate essential.


Ski Trousers

Now you have your jacket, grab some trousers to match – you can even get jacket and trouser sets that can be joined together with the help of zips or poppers.



Safety is paramount when you’re skiing or snowboarding, so getting protected with a helmet is vital, especially if you’re a beginner.


Base Layers

Gain extra insulation with high quality base layers. Pop these on under your ski jacket and trousers and you’ll be ready for all conditions.

mens black ski jacket goggles and gloves

Ski Gloves

Keep your hands warm and gain additional grip with a quality pair of gloves.


Ski Goggles

Goggles are the ultimate way to protect your eyes from the sun and snow – get a pair in your case.


Ski Socks

A nice thick pair of socks are necessary for your feet in chilly conditions – they’ll also protect against any uncomfortable rubbing from your boots.


Snow Boots

You’ll need a strong, sturdy and waterproof pair of boots for wading through the snow.


Neck Warmer

Whether it’s a scarf, neck warmer or even a balaclava, something to keep the cold off your neck will make life on the slopes infinitely better.


Ski Hat

Pack a hat to pop under your helmet as an additional layer of warmth.


Prep for a stylish time on the slopes this season. Wearing your brand new jacket and armed with all of these essentials, you’ll be sure to take to the slopes fully prepared and looking good.

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