A guide to layering for 2017

30th January 2017

This year, layering is coming into it’s own as we look once again towards the 90s for inspiration – think F.R.I.E.N.D.S, with Rachel Green and a slip dress over a plain t-shirt or Chandler Bing with a short sleeved shirt and waistcoat ensemble.

But, since it’s 2017, it’s time to find some fun new ways of updating this timeless trend and so we’ve got the lowdown on how to throw together such a strong look.



Layering is something to really have fun with. It gives you the opportunity to create a whole new look, mix and match your wardrobe and to put together something a little edgier. This means it’s time to forget the usual smart trousers and a blouse for work or jeans and a t-shirt for the weekend. If you’re a bit of a novice, here’s a quick round up featuring some inventive ways to layer your outfit, using what you already have in the wardrobe:


The jumpoff

When the weather outside makes you want to hide under a blanket and not venture out, it’s a good idea to mix and match knitwear to create a layered look. A roll neck jumper, worn beneath a fitted V-neck cardigan is an easy way of layering for the cold season. Tuck the roll neck into your jeans and pull on some knee high boots to tie everything together and, if you’re heading out, a leather jacket thrown on top adds a little interest when it comes to texture. Alternatively, a bomber jacket is great for creating a sports luxe vibe, another trend continuing to enjoy popularity in 2017.


Hoodie hitup

For those looking to mix up their smart and casual attire, a hoodie is the perfect addition to a layered outfit. Start with a long, duster coat – our Super Long Bridge Coat is a good example – and wear this over the top of a pullover hoodie, preferably one with a bold, printed design. Pull the hood out to drape over the back of the collar and pair with skinny jeans and your favourite slip on trainers. For extra edge, roll up the jeans and have some chunky sport socks on show.


Seeing denim

Layering your jeans under a skirt is  a look the top end fashion bloggers and celebs alike are embracing this year. A sheer skirt is the most popular choice, layered over a pair of fitted blue jeans and finished with a comfy jumper tucked in on top.

Skirts featuring a bold side slit are a popular choice too, as they expose more of the jean, which is great for those a little apprehensive about such a look and would prefer an easier transition into the trend. You could also team black skinnies with a black skirt for a subtler layered style.


Tie it up

Another easy layer to add to any outfit is the addition of a check print shirt, tied around the waist. Perfect for creating that grunge vibe, it looks great when paired with a band tee, worn beneath a slip dress and layered with an oversized denim or leather jacket. Finish off with a baseball cap and some ankle boots.


Layering comes naturally to guys – a t-shirt and shirt combo is a no fail.  But this year it’s time to stretch outside your comfort zone. Check out our tips below for scoring high on a layered look.


The thin to thick rule

Wrapping up for the cold can be done stylishly, with a few well thought out layers and the right men’s winter jacket to finish off. Use the ‘thin to thick’ rule, starting with a thin t-shirt as a base layer, complemented by a thicker hoodie or knitted jumper and finishing off with a padded coat or parka jacket to keep the warmth in.

If you’re really braving the cold, a chunky scarf is another addition you can add to keep the warmth in, finish off with fitted jeans and ankle boots. Be sure to undo your zip when heading inside, wearing your winter jacket open to reveal those layers underneath.

dinner jacket

Most valuable layer

For a smarter layered look, you can’t go wrong with a long sleeved collared shirt, a V-neck jumper and a structured blazer or dinner jacket – ideal for everyday office style or even for a date in a snazzy restaurant. Alternatively, bring out that denim shirt you reserve for the spring months and wear this under a chunky round neck jumper, it’s a great way of adding interest to a layered look with clashing textures and the collar also adds a smarter feel.


Clash your prints and textures

Layering multiple prints is a look we’re going to see on the most fashionable gents in 2017, so don’t be afraid to give it a go. A check collared shirt, worn beneath a cable knit jumper and layered with a herringbone print jacket is the perfect way to nail printed, layered style. It’s definitely a bold look but one that will get you noticed wherever you go.

Make 2017 the year you get more adventurous with layering. Try out some of the tips above and be sure to share them with us via the #mysuperdry hashtag on Instagram.

Feature image photo credit: @daniellagrace and @rowanrow