Why Everyone is Loving Denim Right Now

5th May 2016

It’s no secret denim has been around for a while now – since way back in the 1800s in fact – but in 2016 we’re seeing the material blossom into a true trend and almost a lifestyle for many fashionistas.

The fabric is being translated into hair colours, worn as shirt dresses and even used on shoes. We’ve basically all gone a bit mad for our jeans.

Here at Superdry, we’re big on denim. We wear it every day and we put together huge ranges of men and women’s jeans styles perfect for days out, lounging around the house and even sneakily working into your outfit for the office.

That’s what’s so great about the fabric and why it’s become so well loved. It’s versatile, comes in every colour under the sun and fits any person’s individual style.

Denim Cover_Google 2

Have you seen the latest denim hair craze, sweeping the blogger-sphere and social media? Blue hair isn’t a new colour when it comes to alternative styles, but more and more people are achieving that toned down, pastel blue that looks absolutely gorgeous and probably matches your favourite pair of skinnies.

Upkeep on this trend is a little difficult – you’ll need a top up of colour every couple of weeks if you’re big on washing your hair – but it looks amazing when it’s done. Even celebs such as Kylie Jenner, who has just debuted a stunning new hair colour, reminiscent of that dark indigo denim you might choose for a smarter pair of jeans.

Denim goes with everything too, another reason why it’s more popular than Glen Coco (surely you’ve seen Mean Girls, right?) Not sure what to wear in the morning? A pair of jeans and a basic tee and you’re good to go. Getting ready for a night out and your favourite dress is in the wash? Those skinnies and a nice top with heels works just fine. Looking for something comfy to wear while travelling? Slip on your comfiest jeans, look good and relax on the plane.

However, with all this denim, trends from the past are starting to re-emerge – such as the denim mini skirt you might remember from the early 00s that was usually paired with some Uggs and a babydoll cami *shudders*. We’re keeping it mid length and A-line here at Superdry, with a nod towards the 70s in our skirt styles.

You can shop our collection of men and women’s jeans right here on the site. Be sure to share your snaps of you in your new denim on social media and share them with us!