Couch vs Out Out: The ultimate Saturday Night Planner

10th May 2018

Stuck for Saturday night plans? We’ve got everything you need here to plan the best night – whether you’re a dance till 3am kinda girl or just want a chilled one. Don’t forget to hit up our new season ranges once you’re done – to ensure you look boss whatever route you take this weekend.


If you’re more of a homebird – these are plans for you:

The chill night in

Pyjamas on. Pizza ordered. Ice cream chilling in the freezer. This night is going to be more lit than the scented candles you’ve just set up on the coffee table. You know that Saturdays can be all about some me time. The week’s been stressful and you deserve to watch as much trashy television as your heart desires. With this kind of Saturday you can go it alone or you can get a couple of your girls round – the choice is yours.

Alexia Off the Shoulder Dress
Alexia Off the Shoulder Dress

The impromptu house party

Free house? Blast the Whatsapp group and get everyone round. Invite partners too and plan a girls vs boys beer pong tournament – loser has to do a dare. Keep the fridge well stocked with drinks and the party playlist going until the early hours – or until the neighbours knock on the door. It’s the perfect combo of chilling out but still making a night of it. Dress up for the occasion in an off the shoulder dress that still looks good with a hoodie later – when you’re hanging on the sofa with your crush.

The garden party

We’re not talking tea and scones here. Light that fire pit and get the garden games out ready to play – with a few bottles of wine on top. Swingball is a fun idea or if you’ve got space set up a badminton net and get the rackets out. Garden games + drink + best mates = a night to remember. Get the tunes going and assign someone to keep score.

Cargo Casual Jumpsuit
Cargo Casual Jumpsuit

Out out

Prefer your Saturday nights out in town? Here are some easy to follow itineraries to consider.

The classic club night

Prinks and a taxi into town at 11pm. Get the girls round to prep for the night ahead with a prosecco or two and get the tunes on. Most of the evening will probably be spent swapping and changing your outfit, but you definitely can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit and heels combo. Get into the club before the entrance price goes up and sample the cocktail list before taking over the dancefloor. Let your girls know if you’re going home without them – and give them the deets in the morning.

Amiee Bardot Top
Amiee Bardot Top

The nearby gig

Looking for some fresh tunes to add to your playlists? Check out who’s playing at the nearest open mic night and discover some new talent. Not sure where to start? Hit up our SuperdrySounds page and check out who we’re repping at this year’s biggest festivals. Once you’ve found your gig, get dressed up for the occasion – we totally recommend a jeans and a nice top – then head out for drinks after. Saturday sorted.

The old school Saturday

Remember when bowling and hanging out down the ice rink were your main Saturday night plans? Call up your squad and plan a trip down memory lane. But this time – you can head out for drinks after instead of your mum picking you up at 8pm. Hit a few strikes. Smash your bestie at mini golf. Take in a super late night movie at your local cinema. Get nostalgic this Saturday but be sure to dress to impress like you did when you were 15 and wanted to show off what you could do with your new eyeshadow palette.

So, which one is it? Couch or out out? Let us know what you’ve got planned and tag us in your Superdry looks on Insta with the hashtag #mysuperdry.

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