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10th July 2019

What makes you different to any other artist out there?

I don’t really think of myself that way, in terms of comparing myself to other artists. I’ll find inspiration from other artists though, but I think the biggest difference is probably that my music is really focused on telling some kind of story. My earlier stuff was about love, but recently I’ve been writing about the human condition, basically anything that I think may be universal. If people like left of centre pop and want something that dives into philosophy and different ways of thinking about age old problems they might like my stuff.

You’ve been a model alongside a musician – how have the professional worlds mirrored and differed for you?

At first they were pretty contradictory to each other, I found that it was hard trying to be a model and a musician and figuring out which one I was supposed to be. As time has gone by and I’ve grown and matured I think each industry has respected the other more. I’m both a model and a musician and always have been, so it’s nice to see that there is mutual recognition.

You’re a maverick on the piano – how did this instrumental love affair come about?

Thank you. I was about 12 I think when I really got into it. One day my mum brought an electric piano home and I started lessons, I was just really gripped by it and loved losing myself in it.

List the reasons why playing the piano is quite simply the best!

It’s a universal instrument, once you understand the piano and how it works, it’s easier to understand music and how it works. Because the keys are all out in front of you, you learn where pitches are and can use that skill to create harmonies vocally. It’s kind of the grandfather of music. It’s also a beautiful instrument with tons of history behind it. Also, it’s sexy.

How would you sum up your music?

I tell stories. I find things that are unique to me and I write about them, usually they are problems I’m dealing with or thoughts about life. I find that type of topic to be much more interesting to me than writing the same love songs over and over, but I do write those too when the time calls for it. Sonically it’s left of centre alt. pop. I take cues from Radiohead a lot. It’s unique stuff I think.

Max Lacome. Trevor Drury, London, 24/05/2019

What’s taking place in Chapter 4, and what were the chapters leading up to this?

Chapter 4 is a story about understanding that a relationship or a specific time in your life is coming to an end. It’s a story about looking at that time as it’s happening and appreciating it for what it is.

Let’s go all philosophical – where do you see yourself by the time Chapter 10 comes about?

I never really thought of chapter 4 as a specific chapter of my life. It was just something that the song called for, but the song was autobiographical. I have no idea where I’ll be in “chapter 10“. Hopefully I’ll be happy, successful, and enjoying life.

Chapters in life that have defined you?

I think chapters are just a way to condense what is happening in someone’s life. I’ve been really fortunate to have a successful family that has been really supportive of me and my interests. I think a question like that is really hard to answer quickly. Usually a question like that is something that I would write a song about.

Quote in a book that you live by or simply admire?

I don’t read many books, but I’ve been thinking about reading more. Usually I get inspiration from watching media, television shows, or movies. I’m a big fan of storytelling, especially good storytelling. Although one of my favourite books I’ve ever read is “Flowers for Algernon.” I just really appreciate this story growing mentally and physically.

Max Lacome. Trevor Drury, London, 24/05/2019

What’s been your favourite summer experiences so far this year?

Going to Japan to visit my brother and playing with Ramin Karimloo. That was amazing.

What’s on the winter wishlist for the rest of 2019?

To have a successful year, play more shows, maybe write music for tv. I’d love to see my career really start taking off and falling into my niche.

We invited you to Superdry on Regent Street recently, and loved having you! What did you pick out and make of the brand?

I had a really wonderful time, I had actually been there many years ago for modelling but wasn’t aware of that until I was there again. The brand is really cool and has some great vibes. My personal favourite is the leather jacket I got, it’s rare I can find one that actually fits me.

What’s your style advice in life?

Be present, be comfortable, be authentic.


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