Cat Burns: All Fired Up

2nd October 2018

Emerging London-based, singer/songwriter Cat Burns  is making a name and flame for herself in the music circuit, and we couldn’t resist inviting her in for a chat and gifting sesh.

You attended the illustrious BRIT school – how was that, and what stories do you have?

It’s so crazy I get asked so many questions about my time at BRIT, I had a good time! It grew my confidence massively being around so many creative people, plus I like healthy competition so seeing other people doing stuff pushed me to put myself out there even more. One thing that would happen a lot though would be during the lunch and break times, the theatre students would stand on the tables and do a scene as part of their course! And for someone who just wanted to eat their lunch, I did not enjoy people screaming at me whilst I was eating haha!

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In your new single Sober you bite back at a guy for only contacting you when he’s drunk and late at night – what’s your finest shut downs?

One of my finest shutdowns would have to be my classic ‘one sec’. If a guy wants to talk to me in the club and I’m not interested I just say ‘One sec I’m just gonna go to the bar quickly’, and NEVER come back.

What’s Cat Burns’ does and don’ts for an exquisite first date in London?

Definitely do not take me to a fancy dinner place, I’ll most probably always want a Nando’s or Wagamama so I can eat what I like. And those fancy food places just put a handful of rice or meat on the plate and then top it off with a leaf, so you’re really paying £30 for air when you can pay £10 for a cheeky Nando’s.

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The opposite of Sober is Drunk – if you were a cocktail what ingredients would make up Cat Burns the artist?

Probably a strawberry margarita, because I’m sweet!?

Your best career moment to date, and what’s on your music-bizz-bucket-list?

My best career moment to date would have to be releasing my first single ’Sober’, it honestly felt like Christmas or my birthday! A truly amazing day. My music bucket list would be to definitely place (or ideally win) the BBC Sound Of Music, to have my music in the charts, to be able to play at massive festivals and venues, and to 100% keep working with clothing brands like Superdry etc, It’s so much fun!

You’ve got an epic personal sense of style – how would you best describe your killer image?

I love very simple sportswear/tom boy items, but still feminine looks that show off my body well because I’m so tall!

You recently visited our Regent Street flagship for gifting, and we loved having you here. What did you make of Superdry’s New Season collection, and what did you pick out?

I thought the new season clothes were AMAZING! My favourite pieces would have to be the green sporty tracksuit jacket, It’s so cool and I’ve been wearing it almost every day! I also LOVE the white puffer jacket – it’s very me and I love how it fits!

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Watch Cat Burns new single Sober HERE!

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