How to care for your suede jacket 

28th March 2017

Perfect for those wild festival nights and summer BBQs, a suede jacket is lightweight, the material feels amazing and it always looks good. This is why knowing how to care for one is so important.

Here’s the lowdown on how to keep your suede jacket looking like it’s just come straight off the rail:

So what is suede made from?

Good question. Suede is actually leather, but it uses the underside of the skin instead of the hard-wearing exterior used for real leather jackets. It is then rubbed to create a soft, velvet-like feel, which is why it feels so good to wear.

Suede might come from the same crop as leather but it doesn’t offer wear or tear on the same level. It’s much easier to stain and mark, so it’s a good idea to be a little cautious and protect your suede jacket before you even leave the house in it.

Sounds like effort? You couldn’t be more wrong…

Credit @joeffreyjayona

Photo credit: @joeffreyjayona and @chaconsorti

How to protect your suede jacket

Protecting suede is as easy as grabbing some purpose-made, suede protecting spray and applying all over the main areas of the jacket. Focus especially on elbows, hemlines, collars and pockets that come into contact with your skin and other clothes regularly.

Look for a protecting spray that is also waterproof, because once suede gets wet that’s when it starts picking up dirt and stains. Spritz it on, leave it to dry and then you’re good to go.

Dyes from denim jeans and other materials can easily transfer onto suede fabric, so remember this when out and about. If you’re not up for regular cleaning, go for a darker suede shade that won’t show everything up.

The spray should do the job, but we recommend playing it a little safe. It’s also a good idea to bear in mind that you may need to clean your jacket every once in a while, especially if it comes into contact with dirt and spills. Here’s a little guide on how to clean your suede jacket properly:

How to clean a suede jacket

Before we begin, we must emphasize that it’s never advisable to machine wash suede. Suede does not fare well in the machine, even on a cold wash. It’s an investment piece you need to treat with love.

Instead, get your jacket booked in for a spruce up at a reputable dry cleaner for an all over clean. It might be more expensive, but it’s worth it to get your suede jacket looking like new.

If you’re just getting rid of a small stain or mark you can use a suede brush – pick one of these up in the supermarket next time you’re popping in.

TOP TIP: When choosing a suede brush remember – the longer the suede, the softer the brush needs to be. This ensures you don’t damage the material with the wrong ‘strength’ brush, which can cause damage and even tear in the material.

Leave the stain to dry and then get to work gently brushing it out – the brush loosens up the dirt and removes it.

Don’t forget to respray the brushed area with suede protector to avoid having to re scrub it in the near future.

Three ways to style a suede jacket

Keeping your jacket clean and maintaining the quality is always in style. Here are a few style ideas to try out mix up your look:

Festival fun:

  • Ladies – Pair a tan suede jacket (preferably with plenty of tassels) with denim shorts, a band tee and some comfy knee high wellies. Don’t forget the glitter face paint.
  • Men – Dark chino shorts work well with a suede jacket. Add a plain fitted t-shirt and ankle boots to wade through the mud and you’re good to go.

Summer travel:

  • Ladies – Traveling over the summer months? Introduce your suede jacket to the athleisure trend (read up on our top tips on this trend here) and wear it over comfy joggers and a thin jumper with your fave trainers.
  • Men – Throw your suede jacket over a matching hooded tracksuit, pull the hood out to add a little edge to the look.

Saturday night fever:

  • Ladies – Going out out? Then a darker coloured suede jacket is the perfect addition to your LBD and heels ensemble.
  • Men – Suede and a crisp white shirt? You’re going to stand out on Saturday night. Pair with dark coloured jeans and leather trainers and prop up the bar in style.

Feeling confident? Then don’t hesitate to add a suede jacket to your wardrobe and find any excuse to wear it. If you’re yet to grab one, check out our men and women’s jackets ranges here on the site to find your new fave piece of outerwear.

Feature image photo credit: @hawkinsandshepherd and @mox_ie