Call Back With Dan Crossley

25th February 2019

Dan Crossley is the alternative kid in the R&B realm, and his new single Call Back is serving up some serious soul in time for Spring!

Fitting with your new single (which we’ll talk about in a second), introduce yourself as if on a dating app!

Hey I’m Dan, I’ll probably end up writing a song about you so please behave yourself.

 What’s your new single Call Back about?

Call Back was written after I found myself obsessing over my phone and picking up it up to find ‘no missed calls’ in hope to see my ex’s name. We’ve all had that situation where after a break up we just kind of want one more phone call to let them know you still exist.

Talk us through the video concept!

The video is part 2 of my 5 part series for this EP. All fitting into a continuous flow of visuals to compliment the EP. We wanted to create an after party vibe and I loved the projector scene watching the footage from my previous video ‘7 Minutes’.

This single has a stripped back/alternative R&B feel to it – or at least we think so! Would you agree, and how would you sum up your sound?

‘Call Back’ is definitely the most traditionally RNB track on the EP. It was originally written on piano but we wanted to create an epic last chorus so we went ahead and produced it. I would say all in all my sound is Pop/RnB.

Worst date you’ve been on, and best excuse you’ve given for not calling back for a second meet?

I’ve actually never had an awful experience to be honest. Some slightly more bland than others but I think I’ve done alright haha. Although I did go through the effort of changing my phone number once because I couldn’t face telling them I didn’t want a second date.

Misconceptions people have made about you?

A lot of people I’m now very good friends with later told me I looked intimidating to approach. Which is bizarre to me, I love meeting people and hate that they thought that ha.

What does a perfect date for Dan Crossley play out as?

We go for dinner (I’m a great person if you feed me) … preferably Mexican or Japanese. We have cocktails for desert and head to a comedy club or a bar with live music. Stumble out at closing and grab a kebab, as if the food from earlier simply wasn’t enough.

Any life regrets that you wish you had a ‘call back’ chance at?

Never regret it. Learn from it and better yourself.

Who’s your idol, and what would you natter about/ask on a once-in-a-lifetime phone call with them?

Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson are just my favourite people in the world. I would put Stevie on loud speaker and firstly get him to say hi to my Dad.. we’re both huge fans. Then I would talk music and writing and try and wing my way into the studio with him.

From call back to looking ahead, what’s in store for Dan Crossley in 2019!?

For 2019 we’re releasing the rest of the EP and then smashing the live side of things!


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