Caitlyn Scarlett’s Dark Romance

22nd February 2019

Caitlyn Scarlett is painting a pretty good impression with her eclectic take on pop. We recently caught up with the starlet to talk big dreams, nightmares, and first loves…

Scarlett is a colour which reminds us of paintings – so introduce yourself as if you’re an art painting!

Okay…hmm…well my name may be Caitlyn, but you can call me “The Two Fridas (1939)”

Your IG bio says ‘big dreams, bigger nightmares’ – so, what are you afraid of?

Everything and nothing in particular. I have anxiety, so fear tends to intrude and insert itself into a lot of situations in my life. But the phrase is written about how when you have massive aspirations that you announce to the world, you’re also burdened with a huge pressure to succeed and fear of failure.

What’s your earliest memory of music, and when did you realise that music was made for you?

My earliest memory of music is dancing in the living room with my family. My brother and I were always allowed either a song or a story before we went to bed, I would usually choose song and we’d dance around the coffee table together. I don’t think there was ever any question about whether I’d grow up to do music.

First song you truly fell in love with?

That would be impossible to say. But I remember one of the first songs I discovered on my own and got obsessed with was Twice by Little Dragon. This was before the days of streaming and I didn’t have any credit on my iTunes account. So I recorded the audio onto a voice-note on my Sony Ericsson, and used to put the phone inside my pillow case then lay my head on the pillow so it went into my ear. I would lay there and press play repeatedly for hours.

How would you describe your music?

Moody, thoughtful almost-pop.

Talk to us about your new single!

It’s called Nightmares and it’s the theme song of the BBC teen drama Clique, which is a bit like new-wave Skins. The song is about your teenage years when everything is up and down and you’re still figuring yourself out. Originally, I wrote it just for the show but after high demand following the show’s release, ended up releasing the extended track!

Valentines has been and gone – best and worst date you’ve been on?

Ooooh, my best and worst date are the same in one. Someone came to Paris where I was working once to surprise me, which was a really big gesture. But cut to a few hours later and instead of having the night of my life then, I ended up in hospital (thanks to previous health issues) being given morphine, which then made me puke on our Eurostar home the next day. Not sexy. Still makes me sad to think about.

What are the key factors and checklist to winning Caitlyn’s heart?

Intelligence, passion and honesty. Bonus points for being slightly old-fashioned.

We recently invited you to our London Regent Street flagship, and LOVED having you. Any misconceptions with the brand that changed after your ‘first date’ with us?

I’ve never liked wearing big logos so I really like how toned down the branding on the new collections is. The motifs and prints are really understated compared to how I remember, making the style feel a little more individual and personal for me. The clothes themselves are really fashion forward and well cut! I love the retro colour schemes I was able to build up and layer with. Plus functional of course. The thermal coat is a lifesaver because it’s super thin so it doesn’t spoil an overall outfit silhouette, but still keeps you toasty warm.

You’ve styled out our Preview: Dark Romance collection – how did it compliment and work with your personal style?

Worked perfectly! I love the big grey hoodie for studio days, and the slightly goth artwork is very me. The black satin dress was one of my favourite pieces, it hangs really nicely and looks cool pretty much any way you style it. I’ll be reaching for that a lot over the next few months.

What’s in store for Caitlyn’s 2019?

Music, music and more music. I’ve got a lot to give this year, stuff I feel like I’ve been holding back on until the right moment. Only time can tell I guess, so let’s keep in touch!

Caitlyn’s new single Nightmares is out now! Watch on Youtube HERE!
Follow Caitlyn on Instagram HERE!
Caitlyn plays a headline show at The Islington on 25th April, find out more HERE!

Caitlyn wears Superdry’s Preview: Dark Romance collection. Shop HERE!


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