Bonfire Night Essentials – How to style jackets and layers to beat the chill

4th November 2019

Get your style just right this bonfire night and for the rest of the autumn season with the layers that keep you toasty while looking eternally on point. We’ve stacked our winter collection with the women’s winter coats and men’s jackets that do this job to perfection. So, whether you love the ultimate puffer jacket or a staple leather or bomber jacket, it’s all about getting your layering right and easing yourself into winter with a style that keeps you forever snug, no matter where you’re going. But especially on bonfire night.

The more layers, the better

Basically, we’re all about layers. This season, stay warm while keeping your cool with layers that promise to keep you snug on even the coldest of nights. We’re talking layering up puffer jackets and hoodies, knitwear and leather and even denim jackets layered with coats for a fresh look that beats the chill with zero hassle.

How to style women’s winter coats for bonfire night

Make a statement with layers this season and top up your look in just the right way with the versatile women’s coats and jackets that promise you a warmer and chicer winter. Our favourite ways to style coats this season? Here’s just a couple:

  • Women’s puffer jacket & hoodie – there’s nothing wrong with casual and comfortable layers this season.
  • Women’s leather jacket & knitwear – Mix up your textures for the perfect layered look.
  • Double denim and beanie – Use accessories to create a layered outfit.

Layer up your women’s puffer jacket

Opt for the cosiest layered look with a casual twist this bonfire night by styling your favourite go-to oversized hoodie under an on-trend puffer jacket for some serious warmth. Styled with jeans and ankle boots, you’ll be fighting off the chill instantly with a snug outfit that oozes easy winter style.

Keep your puffer cropped and choose contrasting colour palettes for a purposeful look that’s just as comfortable as it is on-trend.

Keep it cool in leather and knitwear

Mix up your textures and style up your knitwear with the addition of a staple black leather biker jacket. Whether you opt for a knitted wool dress or a chunky knit sweater, it’s all about adding the extra warmth under your leather jacket to make it the perfect choice for a winter jacket look this bonfire night.

Add thick tights and ankle boots to a knitted dress and leather jacket look and complete the outfit with a thick wool scarf. Or style a knitted sweater and leather jacket with classic skinny jeans and knee-high boots to keep you snug in any weather.

Double denim and all the accessories

Don’t just think sweatshirts and jackets when it comes to layering your looks this season. It’s all about the accessories too. Keep your look effortlessly on-trend by opting for double denim – styling straight-leg or wide-fit jeans with a denim shirt or buttoned-up denim jacket for a fitted look, layered with a contrasting longline parka coat for some added full-length warmth on the coldest nights.

Complement your parka padded coat with some ultra-warm accessories by adding a simple wool beanie to the mix. Who cares about hat hair when your layered winter outfits look this good, right?

How to style men’s winter coats for bonfire night

Get your bonfire night style on point by layering up your coats and jackets with just the right pieces. From ultra-thick styles to investing in winter accessories, here are just a few of our favourite ways to style men’s coats and jackets this season.

  • Men’s puffer jacket & hoodie – keep it casual and cool this bonfire night.
  • Black denim jacket & parka coat – double up on men’s coats for an edgy layered look.
  • Printed jackets and warm hats – invest in winter accessories this season.

Layer up your men’s puffer jacket

Add instant comfort and snug points to your bonfire night look by layering a cosy oversized hoodie with this season’s must-have men’s jacket – the puffer coat. Opt for classic all-black vibes and inject some statement colour with a bold red puffer jacket for a ski-resort look that works no matter where you are.

Go for shorter lengths or play it safe this winter and hide from the chill behind a longline puffer that warms you up from head to toe – perfect for bonfire night.

Take layering to the next level by doubling up on men’s jackets

Heard of double denim? This season we’re loving layered men’s jackets so we’re all about double jackets now too. Opt for a classic men’s black denim jacket over your go-to graphic tee and style it with an ultimate parka coat, complete with faux fur hood trim and tons of space to store your bonfire night essentials.

Style the look up for the night with skinny jeans paired with slim fit Chelsea boots and add a thick wool scarf to complete the most wintery look you’ve worn this year.

After dark layering – opt for prints and accessories

Opt for printed men’s jackets and tie in the colours with the help of some must-have winter accessories this season. Keep it on-trend and perfect for bonfire night by choosing warm plaid colour palettes, shearling or faux fur collar details and cosy deep pockets, ideal for keeping snug when you’re out for the night.

Update your look with the trends with statement accessories by choosing bold hats or brightly coloured wool beanies for an edgy head to toe winter vibe.

Winter has never looked better. Get your layering game right and your bonfire night look on point and this season will no doubt be your most stylish yet. From seriously snug puffer jackets to the textured denim and leather that cries out for a layered look, update your wardrobe for the season with the coats and jackets that promise to help you beat the chill this season and next.

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