AW19 Sport – Introducing Chris Eubank Jr

20th September 2019

This autumn get active your way with the cast of our AW19 campaign. Meet Chris Eubank Jr. the double IBO super-middleweight champion boxer and son of former world champion Chris Eubank.

Meet Chris 

The lowdown:

From a family of boxers – his father was a world champion and his brother and cousin also box – Chris Eubank Jr. knows a thing or two about discipline. You’ll find him training daily in a boxing gym in Hove with legendary boxing trainer Nate Vasquez.

On his legacy:

My father’s mentoring has been invaluable. He will always be a part of my team. But you have to be your own man. I used that pressure to my advantage, I used it to fuel me, I knew all eyes were on me, I knew everyone was expecting great things, and that made me train harder and fight harder.’

His advice: 

’You need to be focused, you need to be alert, you need to be smart.’

Chris’ Training Style

Chris is a modern man in every sense, with individual style as important for his activewear as outerwear. Taking after his father who redefined fashion for the modern sportsmen, this champion proves mens gym clothes needn’t be boring

Active Lite Training Hoody

On trend to wear on the street, lightweight and moisture-wicking enough for starting off a sparring session.

Active Loose Micro Vent LS Tee

Loose fitting enough to look good out of the ring but breathable and lightweight enough for some serious punches.

Active Training Pants

Boxing requires constant sparring and movement, so the breathable quick dry fabric and moisture wicking technology of these training leggings keeps Chris dry and cool during intense workouts.

Performance Flock Compression LS Tee

Combining performance with style, this long sleeve tee proves mens gym clothes can look just as good out of the gym. Plus, the compression technology increases stamina and performance by preventing injury and muscle oscillation.

Active Double Layer Shorts

Giving gym shorts an edge, this classic style moves in the ring with moisture wicking technology and quick dry fabric. The double layer is loose fitting on the outside with a secure inner liner.

Active Training Legging

Layered under shorts for style on cooler days, these technical gym leggings have ventilation panels behind the knees for breathability in the boxing gym.

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