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22nd October 2018


SuperdrySport is about playing outside the lines and embracing being outside the box that society says we should be in.


To launch our AW18 campaign, ‘My Playground, My Rules,’ we’ve teamed up with Barsparta group, an incredible Calisthenics team who push the boundaries at every opportunity.


We’re here to tell you who they are, what they stand for and why they’re on the lips of everyone who’s anyone in the calisthenics world.


What is Barsparta?

Barsparta is a street workout & calisthenics group from London, they are proud to boast some of the best calisthenics athletes in the UK, competing on some of the biggest street workout competitions and events across the world.

Barsparta Group Superdry Sport

How did Barsparta form?

Barsparta formed in 2013 when Jay Chris, Anthony Ferguson and Lydia Mok met in primrose hill bar park, they all had a passion for calisthenics and wanted to get as many people as possible down to train in the park together, moving away from the traditional fitness and work out environments. To start a movement. It really took off, the group started to get invited to compete at big fitness expos and events, since then they haven’t looked back.

What does Barsparta stand for, what’s the groups values?

100% Positive vibes. There is no room for negativity within the group. Also, we strive to drive the awareness that health is wealth, every member of the group, becomes a better version of themselves. The group is passionate about getting the word out that everyone has the power and ability to be better not for anyone else other than for themselves, everyone is equal and this is a very excepting group.

So, how do we join? 

Passion, there has to be passion. The group chooses their team members depending on if someone is passionate enough to be a spartan, to lead the way and educate people on the Calisthenics movements and most off all pass on that good positive energy that everyone needs from time to time.


Working with the incredible Barsparta squad, Director Shaun James Grant & production house Lemonade Money, we’re proud to show you our latest SuperdrySport campaign, My Playground, My Rules. View the collection here.


View the video here.


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