How to style a leather jacket in winter to keep you warm

30th December 2018

So, you’re not quite ready to give up that expensive leather jacket just yet – even if the temp outside is in single figures. We get it. You saved up to buy that stunning piece of outerwear so you definitely don’t want to retire it to your spring wardrobe just yet.


But are leather jackets warm enough winter? And if not, how can you style yours to make it work? We’ve got the answers.


womens black leather jacket mens black leather jacket


Are leather jackets warm enough for winter?

On their own – maybe not. But if you layer up – definitely. It also depends on whether you’re donning real leather or the faux kind. A real leather jacket moulds to your body, fits like a glove and is a generally heavier material, so it’s already had a head start.


Oversized leather jackets are ideal for winter, as they can be worn over warmer pieces, such as jumpers and long sleeve shirts. Look for larger collars that can be turned up against the wind and styles that zip up to the neck to trap heat.

womens black leather jacket

How can I protect a leather jacket from winter weather?

It’s a good idea to check whether your jacket is water resistant and deal with this first, ready for that wet British winter that’s probably on the cards.


Real leather isn’t waterproof, in fact, it’s not a good idea to get it wet at all. So you’ll need to apply a waterproof coating first. You can pick this up from a shoe shop and simply rub it in or spray it on to create a protective seal.


Faux leather has a plastic coating that should be shower resistant, so it’s always a good idea to carry an umbrella with you when you head out if it’s real bad out there.


How to wear a leather jacket in winter

Are leather jackets warm enough for winter? Yes, if you layer things up. Here we’ve broken down how to wear a leather in winter, for men and women.



  • Look for oversized leather jacket styles – this means you can squeeze in thicker layers underneath. If your jacket rides up, sits tight across the arms and isn’t all that flexible, you may need to look for another that better suits layered looks.
  • Wear a base layer – a vest or t-shirt is the ideal base under a jumper or hoodie. If it’s really cold, ladies, tights under jeans can work.
  • Accessories are important – Knitted winter accessories are there to top up your look and keep things cosy. Scarves, gloves and a beanie lock in the heat.
  • Boots let you brave any weather – Chunky boots ensure you stay warm from the ground up, ensure you pair with thick socks too.



Women’s winter leather jacket style

womens embellished black leather jacket


  • Leather jacket – A slightly oversized fit ensures you have enough room to squeeze in those layers underneath.
  • Jumper – A slouchy jumper you can fit under your leather looks good and keeps the warmth in. We’re feeling prints this season – check out our guide on the top knitwear styles you need this winter.
  • Vest – Wear this under that slouchy jumper.
  • Skinny jeans – Don’t let the cold in, wear jeans that fit snug to the body.
  • Boots – Calf-height boots lock in the heat, pair with thicker socks.
  • Accessories – Finish with an oversized scarf, gloves and a beanie hat to keep the warmth in those extremities.


Look for leather that does all the hard work, painted styles are popular this season with floral embellishments and studded collars to add a little edge.


Men’s winter leather jacket style  

mens black leather jacket knitwear


  • Leather jacket – A style with a strong collar – or even a Sherpa design – is key to winter dressing.
  • Cable knit jumper – The winner of winter jumper style, nothing says cosy like cable knit. Grey, cream or a deep green are festive enough to see you through the colder months.
  • T-shirt – Wear one as a base layer under your jumper, it means if you do get hot later you can take off layers to cool down.
  • Straight leg jeans – They look good wherever you end up and pair nicely with a leather jacket. If you want more of a rocker vibe, skinny jeans work too.
  • Leather boots – Keep the theme going with a pair of leather ankle boots. A contrasting pair in a tan shade adds interest to any look.


Zip details add edge to any look, while strong silver embellishments such as poppers and buttons hold their own and create interest.


Style up that leather jacket, ready for winter and look good while doing so. Check out our full range of men’s leather and women’s leather jackets here on the site if you fancy adding another to your collection.


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