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31st January 2017

We know. We know. You’re just starting to feel like you’re establishing you’re bank account balance and now there’s this pressure to achieve balance…spiritually? karmically?  You’re not exactly sure what they’re on about.

But you do know one thing – something’s gotta give.  You’re probably burning the candle at both ends – socialising with friends every night while still trying to get ahead at work.  Admit it, it’s probably best to take a step back and breathe.

Before you put your guard up about when we start to chat yoga, we assure you it’s not about giving up all your material goods and living in ashram.  It’s more so just about giving yourself some space to breathe each day and looking after yourself.  Interested? Check out these real life tips for applying yoga to your daily life (without the preachy yoga jargon).

@lottiemurphy_ taking a break

Take a break

Whether it’s listening to a 15 minute meditation podcast once a week, letting yourself go home on time from the office, or skipping the wine with dinner for one night – the body and mind need mental relaxation.  Allow yourself to reset in small bits at first and see if you can step yourself up each week.

Get over the FOMO, seriously

Fear of Missing Out is fine when you’re nineteen and have all the time in the world but as you get older, if you pressure yourself to be there for every social situation, you’ll find yourself exhausted.  Your friends will still love you if you skip the odd party here and there, and you’ll find they will probably start doing the same.

@LottieMurphy_ shout your truth

Shout your truth

There’s no need to be someone you’re not.  It takes way too much time and energy – plus, you may not realise it, but people can see right through it.  This doesn’t mean you can tell people off every time they displease you.  It just means knowing yourself and learning to say no to situations that just don’t sit right with you and embracing those that do to the fullest.

Be nice to people

Listen, your mum was right.  You get what you give with people.  If you treat people with kindness and compassion, they’ll probably respond in a similar way.  And if they don’t? Then just kill em with kindness.

@LottieMurphy_ outside.

Get outside

You don’t have to meditate on a mountain to be one with nature.  Head outside on the weekend for a long walk or take a ten minute walk around the block at lunchtime.  You’ll feel refreshed and way more creative.

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