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11th May 2018

Everyone is talking about Abisha. By tearing the R&B rulebooks up, expressing a truly individual style, and generally having that je ne sais quoi of coolness, you’ll be hearing a lot more of Abisha. With the release of new single Project X, and following her attendance at our SuperdrySounds launch party, we caught up with the star.

How did Abisha become ABISHA the artist?

Well, I met my producers 4 years ago, completely by chance in a bar in New Cross. I began working with them pretty soon after and we experimented with discovering my musical and writing style. I guess it all started then, but I wouldn’t say I really became ABISHA the artist until I wrote ‘All That’. That was the first track we finished when I thought, ‘Yeah, this is my style’.

What are your fondest music stories and inspirations growing up?

My fondest music-related memory from my childhood is definitely singing karaoke with my friends every single day on my VJ Starz Karaoke machine and making up dance routines. We used to sing the Spice Girls and Britney Spears over and over. As I got a bit older, I began to discover artists and idolise them – that’s when I realised that music is what I actually wanted to do.

Abisha Portrait

Are you psyched to be performing live on the big stages? How do you prep for this sort of anticipation?

I’m SO psyched! I can’t wait to feel the insane energy from a huge crowd. The feeling of an audience singing your lyrics back at you must be beyond crazy too. To prep for that, hours and days and months of rehearsals non-stop. I’ll be super super nervous but as soon as I’m on stage with my band, I’m sure the nerves will turn into adrenaline and excitement and I’ll be living my absolute best life.

What do you write songs about?

I write songs about a lot of different things really. It’s quite difficult for every song to not turn into a song about love, in some way or another. I write about my personal experiences and relationships a lot because I like to tell a story that people can relate to and connect with. But I also write from others’ perspectives if I have an idea that I can’t relate to; it’s all just about being able to tell a story. The main thing that I want to achieve through song writing is being accessible and relatable as an artist, and being able to help others through a situation by showing them there’s always a happy ending, and if there isn’t, you grow from your experiences.

All That sounds like ‘minimal R&B’ – are you establishing a new sound? If so, it’s working!

Haha, I’m not intentionally creating a new genre, but I like the sound of that. When writing songs, I want them to not sound like everything else out there so I tend to break the rules slightly of a ‘traditionally good’ R&B song whether it’s through the structure of the song or the production of the track. I want my music to stand out and for people to think, ‘That’s different, I like that’. If everyone writes songs that sound the same, music will be stuck in a cycle of same-sounding songs and artists until the next generation of musicians create something new, so why wait?

Talk us through the music video concept – is sepia red the colour of the month?

The music video for All That is very minimal and kept very simple to symbolise the entrapment being described in the song. The red is a metaphor for love and also pain, maybe even danger. Red is a colour that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways so it’s really good to use when visually portraying emotions in music. I did see a lot of red vibes in music videos recently so it definitely could be the colour of the month!

If you could have ‘All that and more’, what would Abisha’s excess in life be?

It would HAVE to be holidays in the sun. I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet who loves the sun more than me. It seriously recharges my soul and my energy. The dream would be to spend my time writing songs in villas with huge pools, by the sea in the most beautiful locations and scorching heat, surrounded by amazing people!

ABISHA showing off her unique style
ABISHA is wearing the Tier Leather Biker Jacket

You’ve got an epic personal sense of style going on. How would you sum it up?

My style is really important to me. Not because I care about what I look like or if people like what I’m wearing but, for me, it’s one of the main ways that I express myself. I believe that how you dress instantly tells a story about you, before you even say a word. My style is pretty much just being comfortable (I don’t like wearing anything that restricts my movement at all because I’m constantly moving around or fidgeting), and whatever I feel good in. Usually, topped with a hat and some kind of trainer.

We recently invited you into the Superdry Regent Street Flagship to check out the new collection – were you pleasantly surprised, and what did you pick out?

I was really pleasantly surprised, I left with two huge bags full! I picked out an amazing leather jacket, a really cool black body (leotard) and some jumpers and joggers which I love wearing to the studio because they’re super comfy.

Project X sounds secretive – can you reveal what it’s about?

Project X started off as a sort of experiment – I wanted to create something that was completely unstructured and free. The track is about being completely besotted by someone, and hoping that they feel the same way back, but it’s also hugely laid back and massively flirtatious.

The song is sensual and stripped back – are you the most musically chill person out there?

I’m a really chilled person, so this definitely is probably reflected in my music. I enjoy writing laid back songs and creating to chilled beats, I think I’m better at that than up-tempo songs because it’s easier to create deeper and more sensual melodies, which, to me, makes a song feel more meaningful.

Abisha Portrait 2

With a song that sounds so unique, how do you see yourself performing it – will there be interpretive and offbeat moves to accompany?

I want to make sure that when I perform Project X live, the vibe and ambience of the performance matches that of the track. Maybe I’ll throw in some moves, we’ll see!

What is a mystery you’ve always wanted to uncover?

The universe, everything about it intrigues me. The beauty of the ocean, the sky when it’s so blue. How can something be so naturally beautiful?

Project X is available for streaming now HERE
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