8 ways to find motivation to work out

19th May 2017

Cast your mind back to that Instagram scroll this morning – how many sandy beaches, six packs and bikinis did you see? Probably a fair few (sigh.)

Instead of getting hung up on those holiday Insta stories, it’s time to up your game and find a way to motivate yourself to get moving too.

But don’t just do it for the likes or the swimwear you’ve been eying. Do it because – admit it – it does feel good to get out there, move your body and look good for the summer as well. *insert bicep curl emoji here*

Motivation still low? Then we’ve got you covered with some clever ways to find motivation to work out:

  1. Sign up

It doesn’t have to be a marathon or a wade through the mud style event – just your nearest Saturday park run or a fun inflatable 5k are good starting points for getting fit and giving yourself a little extra motivation to workout. You’re going to need to feel ready for these events – so any excuse to squeeze in a cardio session or train your upper body is essential.

  1. Improve it

Be prepared for the crushing disappointment of seeing you’ve only burned 50 calories after jogging for 20 minutes…BUT tracking your steps/stats/sleep can be strangely addictive and could even encourage you to start beating your personal bests. Plus, there’s no excuse to not get out in your gym gear, now that the warmer weather is here.

Took 5,000 steps yesterday? Do 6,000 today. Exercised twice last week? Squeeze in a walk on your rest days. You can look back on the data on your tracker device with a new sense of satisfaction and the challenge to improve your stats should give you the motivation to workout more.

Oh and if you wear your tracker for a night out and spend a significant amount of time on the dance floor it counts it as exercise – bonus.

  1. Cut it

Knowing that your workout will be over quickly is a great motivator. So, cut your workout time down and plan in a couple of seven-minute HIIT sessions – which are high intensity interval workouts that aim to get your heart racing in a short period of time.

There are loads of apps available to download to get you started like, right now. You can complete these in the garden or even in the local park so there’s no excuse if you don’t have a gym membership (sorry, not sorry).

  1. New gym kit

Nothing spurs us on more than a fresh gym kit. Ladies – think snug leggings and a fitted sports bra. Guys – shiny new trainers and an easy to throw on vest are great when you want to get a sweat on. If you’re more into water based workouts grab a flash new bikini or pair of swim shorts to show off poolside – before completing those laps.

  1. Note progress

Whatever your reason for wanting to workout more – whether it’s to lift heavier or complete an event – it’s a good idea to update your progress on your achievements. You could take photos if you’re trimming up and keep note of your times if you’re training for a big sporting event – looking back on how far you’ve come is a great motivator to keep going.

  1. Phone a friend

Mates are great when it comes to encouraging you to work out – not only do they make you feel guilty for missing a session but you can also swap fitness motivation tips to keep the other person on track and push yourself to try new types of exercise. It’s a win win.

  1. Log it

If you don’t fancy using a tracking device, apps also make you accountable – which could encourage you to do more. If you add your mates they’ll see what you’ve been up to, so you’ll definitely want to push yourself a little harder. Strava is great for running, while MyFitnessPal lets you add your workouts manually so you’ll need to keep track of time and intensity.

  1. Try it

Yeah, we know – it’s easier said than done – but finding a sport or exercise you genuinely love doing is the simplest way of finding the motivation to work out. Sign up for a sport league with some mates, try out a summer boot camp or give every class at the gym a go until you find something that holds your attention – yes, even the one with spin bikes.

Give these tips a go and don’t forget to check out our range of men and women’s sportswear on the site – more than worthy of showing off on a jog around your local park. Don’t forget to take some pics too and share them with us using #MySuperdry.