5 Jackets That Ruled The 90s’

10th August 2016

The 90s. A time when we were influenced by Grunge, Gwen Stefani’s abs and the Spice Girls. For many of us it only feels like yesterday, and remember all too well the fashion that used to hang in our wardrobes. Now 90s trends have made a resurgence, we can pick up jacket styles we remember and love from way back when. Let’s take a look at what these are, shall we?

  1. The bomber jacket


Palm Orchid Print Lillie Bomber // Khaki Lillie Bomber // Black Lillie Bomber

If you didn’t have one of these yourself then your older brother definitely did! A cool aviator style in khaki or black with a bold orange lining. Now these are back in fashion with a much more flattering silhouette for girls . Check out our range right here on the site, featuring the usual black and khaki designs as well as fun, bold prints. They’re perfect for September weather.

  1. The puffer jacket


Fuji Slim Double Zip Hooded Jacket // Everest Slim Polar Coat

For those of us who enjoyed walking around impersonating a snug marshmallow, a puffer jacket was the only option and the perfect choice when your Mum refused to drive you to school in minus temperatures. Relive this trend with our selection of Puffer Jackets and Windcheaters – and much more stylish than the 90s equivalent.

  1. The oversized denim jacket

Denim jacket

Ice White Classic Denim Jacket // Surf Blue Worn Classic Denim Jacket

Oh we all wanted to be Drew Barrymore, with her oversized denim, grunge make up and beautiful wavy hair; she was the very definition of 90s cool and idolised by many. Since the 90s came and went you’ve had numerous denim jackets but now you reach for your oversized Barrymore style one hanging in the coat cupboard. Check out our classic denim jacket, perfect for finishing off a 90s inspired look.

  1. The denim vest jacket

Denim vest

Jaclyn Denim Vest Jacket

Rachel from Friends was a big advocate of the denim vest jacket, wearing hers over cute tartan skirts and blouses, and we’re sure you have one tucked in your wardrobe ready to make an appearance on your next date night or weekend shopping trip – or perhaps it has already been claimed by a certain someone in your household. Perfect for creating a cute relaxed look, be sure to dress yours up in double denim with some baggy jeans or a simple slip dress. Our Jaclyn Denim Vest Jacket is the right piece for the job.

  1. The bold sports jacket


Gym Funnel Shell Hooded Jacket // Sophia High Waist Super Skinny Jeans

Whether you totally embrace the retro vibe and don the top half of a shell suit or opt for something a little subtler with a track jacket, you know a sports jacket is always on style – and with the latest ‘athleisurewear’ trend taking hold you’ll definitely be ticking some boxes this season. You probably owned several of this jacket style in the 90s and now the younger generation want to get their hands on them, too. Check out selection of sports jackets here. Be sure to choose a jacket in the brightest colour available and wear it with your favourite skinny jeans and casual trainers.

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