19th November 2019


Back in 2003, we launched the Superdry brand with five graphic t-shirts – each one created with a hand-drawn logo inspired by quintessential Americana and Japanese imagery – graffiti, art, films – past and present.

To this day, our graphic t-shirts remain a staple component of every collection. Still drawn by hand, every logo design and graphic is crafted by our designers long before they head to their computer screens to create the version that appears on the finished product. Every design exudes our distinctive Superdry look and feel that we have become globally famous for.


We take huge pride in our vision and the process to ensure we deliver first class graphics across our products.

Graphic Design Manager, Matty Charman, explains the detail behind our Graphics process and gives some insight into the role of the Superdry design team…

How did you get into Graphic Design and what drove you into the world of fashion? 

I left school at 16, I just wanted to start carving my own way in the world. At 16 I rocked up to my local Cult Clothing store based in Cheltenham Gloucestershire looking for a weekend job so I could start earning some money. Little did I know I was about to start on a whirlwind journey of growing the global brand Superdry.

What keeps you coming back to design? 

I quickly learnt that there was only one thing in life I could rely on – being creative. No matter what I do in life or the role I take on I always approach it from a creative angle always evolving and adapting to the environment. Creativity is something that I was born and bred into coming from a family of hard working creatives its was always going to be the only path for me. Design is something that you can never get bored of or truly master. I love the journeys it can take you on and the people you meet while doing something you love.

From weekend shop assistant to Graphic Design Manager, how did you do it? 

I have learnt about retail from the bottom up starting as a shop floor sales assistant- then moving on to become a warehousing and distribution floor manager and finally the last 9 years being spent working my way up through the Design Team. I’ve learnt along the way moving into different roles until I eventually ended up heading a team of like minded creatives. At the end of the day I’ve just worked really hard and never gave up!

Can you show us an insight into an average day in your world? 

why don’t I show you…


Graphics can make or break and outfit, it’s all about how you style them.

We teamed up with Stylist and Choreographer @RamarioChevoy who tells us how to style 3 Graphic Tees, 3 Different Styles for 3 Different occasions.


‘The chequerboard racetrack and 90s colour and style of this printed tee reminds me of the opening titles of cartoons that I used to watch as a kid. I’ve teamed with Cargo pants and box fresh kicks for a laid back look which I will wear hanging out at the weekend. This look is all about letting the tee do the talking.’


‘Most of my work is in vintage styling, so I loved the challenge of bringing these iconic t-shirts that have a retro feel into my wardrobe. My look is pretty casual day to day no matter what I am doing, but I really like to clash textures, prints and colours so that I stand out in my style. In this look I am just heading to work, but have teamed this cool tee with neon accents with a pair of tailored vintage workwear trousers and workman boots’.


‘I don’t really do ‘smart’ as that’s just not my look, but if I am out to dinner like I was here, I tend to stick to monochrome colours and tailored pieces. My friends think I am pretty daring in the style department – here I have teamed this classic logo tee with a pair of vintage leather flares and heeled patent boots. My motto is break the rules – I don’t really care if people think I’m out there – that’s what style is all about!

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