10 Ways To Wear That Leather Jacket

16th December 2017

Got some new leather? Here’s how to soften it so it’s ready to wear and then style it after:

How to soften leather jackets

Want soft leather but don’t want to shell out your hard-earned cash on a jacket that’s been worn by someone else already? You’ll need to soften a brand spanking new one first then. Here’s a quick how-to:

You will need:

  • A leather conditioner
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Half an hour
  • A decent Netflix show to watch while you’re doing things

Step 1 – Take extra care

You’ve probably spent a fair amount of your wages on that leather jacket – so you’ve gotta be careful, to avoid ruining the look. Think about the material like your own skin. When you’ve been good and downed a couple of litres a day yours looks fresh – right? So, to soften up leather, you need a lot of moisture and a good conditioner.

Step 2 – Apply your leather conditioner

Grab your microfibre cloth – Amazon or your local supermarket can sort you out with one of these – and pour some leather conditioner onto this. Then start applying it to areas of your leather jacket that you want to soften up, like the sleeves and back.

Step 3 – Rub it in

With firm strokes, use the microfibre cloth to really get into the leather. You can be a bit heavy handed to achieve that well worn look.

Step 4 – Crush it

Take a few minutes to crumple and scrunch up your jacket to settle in the conditioner and encourage the leather to soften up. This will get it into all the nooks and crannies you might have missed.

Step 5 – Grab the hairdryer

Stick the hairdryer on a medium heat then warm up the areas where you’ve rubbed in the leather conditioner. This helps the jacket soak it in and seal the conditioner for the best – and softest – results.

Step 6 – Get rid of any excess

Use the microfibre cloth again and give your leather jacket a rub down to remove any excess conditioner. Throw it on and you’re good to go – wearing the jacket straight away will help soften up the leather even more.

A quick alternative method for softening a leather jacket

Let it rain – Use the weather to soften up your leather

If you don’t fancy spending cash for the weekend on a leather conditioner – wear your leather jacket out when it’s lightly raining.

Let it get a little wet, then keep it on when you head back inside – making sure you move around as much as possible. Bend your arms and stretch the back to soften up the material. Who knew the weather in the UK was so useful?

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10 ways to wear your newly softened leather jacket

Leather soft? Looking for style points? Here are some new ways to style up that leather jacket:

1. The icing on top

Layering is a trend we always embrace once the colder weather rolls around but that also lets us wear our leather jacket for longer. Pair yours with a baggy jumper and an oversized scarf for a snug look when you head out.

2. The wrap around

Things heated up? Don’t leave your leather jacket on a chair to forget about when the night really starts later. Throw the arms around your waist and tie in place to keep your jacket close by and to add a new element to your look. A cami top and jeans looks good with waist level leather for girls, while guys can get away with a plain tee and their fave slim leg jeans.

3. The drape over

Want to look Insta ready at all times? Then don’t wear your leather. Instead, drape it over your shoulders and leave the sleeves hanging. You’ll still stay warm with a turtleneck underneath or an oversized knitted jumper while achieving that candid fashion blogger look.  

4. The roll up

Pull the sleeves on a softened, oversized leather jacket up to your elbows and let your forearms out. Ladies, we love the idea of leaving bell sleeved jumpers or tops hanging below the cuffs to add some interest to your look.

5. The hood out

Keep your fave hoodie close by at all times in the winter months by wearing yours under your leather jacket. Pull the hood out the back – ready to save your hair later if the rain turns up.

6. The embellishment

Grab some enamel pins in a range of styles that say something about you and get pinning these to the collar and chest of your leather jacket. Rock fan? Grab a patch featuring your fave band’s logo. Or look for a pin that pays homage to a music star taken too soon (Bowie, we love you). Pins and patches let everyone know what you’re into. It’s a conversation starting look and you might just get chatting to someone cool. Check out our range of pins and patches on the site.

7. The all out leather

Have a pair of leather look trousers that need taking out? Nail the biker look and pair them with a leather jacket and your fave slouchy tee. It’s a statement look you but you can easily dress things down with trainers.

8. The gilet on top

Pairing a gilet with a leather jacket? It’s a bold move – but one that definitely works. We’re thinking a black gilet with a faux fur lined hood over a black leather jacket to make a real statement.

9. The shoulder slinger

Bar heated up? Work it like a model and sling your jacket over your shoulder then hold it in place while you wait for your drink to be served. Smize at everyone else at the bar to finish the look.

10. The sweet street

Girls, mix up your tough leather with a little feminine – adding a flirty skater dress under your jacket for a contrasting vibe. Heavyweight, chunky lace up boots round up the look.

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