10 Minutes with Solanne Marechaux

9th January 2019

Name: Solanne

Sport: Basketball

Insta handle : Solanne.Marechaux


Originally from Paris, France, Solanne is a basketball player at heart, full of passion, drive and focus, Solanne has been dribbling around the competition with his next level skills, he’s definitely one to remember.

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How did you get into your Sport? Talk us through your journey

I started basketball at 9 years old, I was looking for a sport to do after school and I tried football and tennis and then tried Basketball and fell in love, I haven’t looked back since.

What has been your proudest moment in your career?

My proudest moment in my career was when my team and I were out at a tournament in Northern France, it was my 16th birthday and our team made it through to the last game of the tournament, I took the last possession for the win and made it. What a moment.

What do you look for in active wear?

I am looking for activewear then enables me to be my best. It has to be comfortable more than anything, while looking stylish, nothing better than a good Shorts and Tank top combo.

What motivational track do you work out too? 

Before every game, I always put on some Hip Hop songs like Drake or Kendrick Lamar. I also really love to listen to some French rap artists such as BOOBA.

What is your favourite piece from the Superdry Sport range and why?

I love all the Joggers that Superdry Sport offer, they are all so comfortable yet easy to move in.

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What would be your 5 step workout routine for a newbie? 

The first step will be to dribble with one hand and then with both hands

Next try to shoot to the basket

Then how to do a layup , which foot put first etc…

4th step would be to learn how do a good pass

And finally, step 5 would be to learn how to defend your basket.


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