Friend of Superdry and star of the big screen, William Moseley has been busy working on numerous projects since he last popped in to visit us at Superdry HQ. The Narnia star’s been tackling genres which will see him take on more intense thriller roles as well as comedy.

“I just wanted to thank Superdry for their kindness in helping out with my new film ‘Run’. ‘Run’ is a coming-of-age crime thriller (with elements of Parkour) set in the streets of Brooklyn. The film was shot in 20 days on a tight budget. The costume designer was down to the wire and needed some clothes for the film so I got in contact with Jimeee Meigh at Superdry and, with the help from Rachel from the New York offices, I picked up the clothes that very evening. Run, which is shot for 3D, also features Eric Roberts, Adrien Pasdar and Kelsey Chow. We had one of the best freerunning teams in the world, Tempest, working on the film, so get ready for some amazing Parkour!

I’m shooting a film over the summer which is possibly the opposite to ‘Run’. It’s a comedy set in Victorian England where there is mistaken genders and conniving relatives. It should be great fun, much in the tone of ‘Much a Do About Nothing’ or ‘Twelfth Night’.

I’m currently living in Los Angeles, so every day, something new is happening. I will update with things as they move along.

Thank you again Superdry.”

We wish William luck on his future projects and look forward to a trip to the movies to catch ‘Run’. The film will be taken to the festival circuit this year before it’s released!

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