Cannes is usually known for its uber cool parties, exclusive events and legendary film festivals, but this summer Cannes is the setting for a different type of party. The ultra cool hotel 3.14, surrounded by a beautiful blue lagoon, golden beaches and brightly coloured umbrellas is the perfect setting for the collaboration between the hotel and Superdry during the festival that’s linked the two for the past couple of years.

The hotel staff we’re all kitted out in Superdry’s key pieces that included our polo’s, tees and washbasket shirts, and will be on hand to offer guests cool cocktails and refreshments throughout the summer.

If you’re heading to Cannes this summer you can visit the hotel 3.14 at Rue Francois Einesy 5, 06400 Cannes and the Superdry store a stones throw from the sea at Rue des Frères Casanova 6, 06400 Cannes.


Roll out the red carpet! On the 8th December, Superdry opened in the famous film festival capital – Cannes, France! The new store was lit up on the opening night along 6 Rue Des Frères Casanova and Superdry addicts came along and left happy with orange Superdry bags full of their purchases! We look forward to seeing you if you are in the area! Click below to see the first pics of the new Super Store!


cannes déroule le tapis rouge pour superdry! le 8 décembre, votre marque favorite a ouvert ses portes dans la célèbre ville française!jetez un œil sur nos photos ! tous nos fans absents le jour j sont les bienvenus au 6, rue des frères casanovas!