First we arrived in style in St-Tropez. Next we conquered Cannes. Now, the latest sun-kissed city to welcome a brand new Superdry store is the beautiful mediterranean resort of Frejus.

It wasn’t just the palm trees, the golden beaches or crystal clear ocean that persuaded us to set up shop here (although it definitely helped) but Frejus is known for having a certain “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to shopping and fashion.

Toward the end of last year, we gave the stylish Frejusiens a night to remember as we invited the locals to come party and check out the latest collection in our brand new Superdry store!

In true Superdry-style there were drinks and snacks aplenty, and knowing that our fans love to party all night long we had DJ Slydawise drop his trademark mix into the early hours.

Even though it wasn’t quite shorts shorts and t-shirt weather – it was December afterall – everyone loved our AW12 range of knits, hoodies and sweatshirts and was able to face the fridgid temperature in style.

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December 6th was the day we opened the doors of our brand new Superdry store in the beautiful city of Rouen.

Decorating the store with a historic theme throughout, we invited guests to join us for an evening of fun with a lively atmosphere and the chance to get hold of the latest winter wear from our AW12 collection – just in time for the cold mornings and dark evenings that dominate December!

DJ Niglo provided the soundtrack to the evening which has a brilliant atmosphere and some great guests. It was a fantastic event all round!


Just in time for Christmas, the beautiful city of Nantes welcomes a Superdry store to the area.

Opened on the 1st December, staff roamed the city with goodybags for locals to enjoy and throughout the day we had 8 goodybags full off Superdry goodies worth over €75 euros to give away to lucky fans!

Footballer Marcel Desailly joined us to enjoy the opening day fun, and to have a look at our AW12 collection.

A great opening day event, and fun had by all!


It felt like such a long time coming, but Thursday October 11th was here and that meant only one thing – P.A.R.T.Y !

The Superdry Store in Lyon played host to an amazing event where all attending Superdry fans got the chance to meet Capucine, star of reality TV show : Secret Story 6!

The atmosphere of the evening was in full swing thanks to the complimentary bar and dining area, and the great music that was playing all night long, but what really turned things up to 11 was our competition where one lucky winner got the chance to go on a shopping spree with Capucine!

The winner will be announced soon, so make sure you head back to our Lyon store and see if you’re the lucky one.

We’ve uploaded our pics to the Superdry France facebook page, so head on over and, if you see yourself, make sure you share and tag yourself!


L’événement attendu par tous les lyonnais fans de Superdry et Capucine !
C’était la fête au Superdry Store de Lyon le jeudi 11 octobre. Tout le monde a répondu présent, et a pu profiter de la présence de Capucine (Secret Story 6) pour la rencontrer et recevoir une dédicace. De la musique, un bar où manger et se restaurer, des stars, et les fidèles fans de la marque : tout était réuni pour vivre une soirée où l’ambiance battait son plein ! Superdry vous remercie toutes et tous d’avoir contribué à la réussite de cet événement et vous donne rendez-vous le 31 octobre pour connaître l’heureux gagnant du concours offrant un shopping avec Capucine en personne ! En attendant taggez vous et vos amis, et partagez l’info. Les bulletins de participation au jeu sont disponibles dans le Superdry Store de Lyon.

September 1st and 2nd saw the Albi Grand Prix in France, and in true Superdry style, we were seen on the podium with fantastic racing drivers that included Gregor Raymondis.

Gregor, racing against drivers such as Sebastien Loeb and Jean-Philippe Dayraut, managed to get himself on the Superdry podium not just once, but two times over the course of the weekend.

After the race, a relaxing evening at La Pergola restaurant was also sponsored by Superdry. We were joined by drivers and mechanic teams as well as customers and staff from our Albi store who all enjoyed dancing to the music played by DJ Popi.

Cannes is usually known for its uber cool parties, exclusive events and legendary film festivals, but this summer Cannes is the setting for a different type of party. The ultra cool hotel 3.14, surrounded by a beautiful blue lagoon, golden beaches and brightly coloured umbrellas is the perfect setting for the collaboration between the hotel and Superdry during the festival that’s linked the two for the past couple of years.

The hotel staff we’re all kitted out in Superdry’s key pieces that included our polo’s, tees and washbasket shirts, and will be on hand to offer guests cool cocktails and refreshments throughout the summer.

If you’re heading to Cannes this summer you can visit the hotel 3.14 at Rue Francois Einesy 5, 06400 Cannes and the Superdry store a stones throw from the sea at Rue des Frères Casanova 6, 06400 Cannes.


May 5th saw the preview of the Festival International des Sports Extrêmes (FISE) at the Odysseum Montpellier, France. All the best PRO riders across inline, bmx and skateboarding got together to show everyone exactly why what they do is called extreme sport!

As with any big event, Superdry were there to kit out the the best of the best, which included BMX’er Daniel Wedemeijer, inline skater, Romain Godenaire and freestyle rider Jérôme Vormbrock.

Each athlete pulled out their best tricks and had the crowd pumped while Djette Elise had them up on their feet all day long. Once the dust had settled all riders, skaters and spectators were invited into the Superdry store to see the latest items to drop from our Spring Summer 2012 range.

If this was just a preview, we can’t wait to see what’s in store when the FISE finals kick off on the 16th May!


Two lucky listeners of French radio station, Radio Espace, won a private VIP shopping spree at the Superdry store in Lyon recently, with the addition of a surprise celebrity stylist we had arranged to meet them!

With 800 Euros to spend in store, the lucky winners were greeted by none other than Nouvelle Star winner, Christophe Willem, who was on hand to provide the style and soundtrack for the day. For those who are unfamiliar with Nouvelle Star, it is the French equivalent to The X-Factor and is one of the most popular shows on French TV!

Christophe helped our winners select a neo-vintage look that included our polo shirts, denims, tees and dresses and was happy to sign autographs for everyone. We were in for an extra special treat as Christophe surprised everyone with an impromptu performance of some songs from his latest album, Prismophonic!

The perfect end to a perfect day!


On connaissait l’auteur, compositeur et chanteur Christophe Willem. Deux auditeurs de Radio Espace, à Lyon, ont eu l’honneur de faire connaissance avec les talents de relookeur de notre ancien gagnant de la Nouvelle Star. A l’occasion de la sortie de son nouvel album « Prismophonic », un grand concours a été organisé sur les ondes de Radio Espace. Deux auditeurs, ont ainsi remporté une séance de shopping privée dans le Superdry Store de Lyon en compagnie de Christophe Willem.
Avec 800 euros de budget en poche, ils ont tous les deux pu dévaliser les rayons de la boutique pour se relooker sous l’œil avisé et averti de Christophe Willem. Entre les jeans, les t-shirts, les robes ou encore les polos proposés par la marque, le choix fut vaste pour se refaire un look néo-vintage aux couleurs de la marque pour le printemps.

Résultat, après deux heures passées dans le Superdry Store de Lyon, deux auditeurs ravis de leurs emplettes et de leur nouveau look et un Christophe Willem au top pour la séance de dédicace et le showcase privé qui ont suivi !

« Aucune larme n’est tombée » cette fois en tout cas…

Superdry helped the 500,000 residents of Saint-Etienne start 2012 in style, as we officially celebrated the opening of our brand new store with a warming party! Behind the newly opened doors of our Rue Léon Nautin n°10 store, guests enjoyed a DJ set to accompany the treats and nibbles at the exclusive event.

All the classic Superdry pieces were on display, but for those of you plan on taking a trip across Saint-Etienne’s famous skyline that make up the ‘Seven Hills’, our Blackbear zip hoods, Lumberjack hoods and Supercable beanies will be sure to keep you super warm against the elements!

We hope to see you all in Superdry Saint-Etienne soon! In the meantime, why not head over to the Superdry France Facebook page and “Like” us.


Dominated by the Mont-Blanc, the valley of Chamonix is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world. But Chamonix is more than just mountains. Lining the snow-covered streets are stores and fashion boutiques that entertain the skiers and snowboarders ‘après ski’!

With our range of chunky knitwear, including our Sunscorched Ski hood, Big Zip Buffalo Knit and Premium Knit Ski Puffer, Superdry has opened a Pop-up store to help you complete the perfect outfit for the slopes, injecting some of that cool Superdry style!

So after a few runs down the mountainside, why not take some time out and visit the Superdry store and pick up your winter essentials?