We’ve survived the first week of January and are steadily getting back into our old routines.

To celebrate the new year, we’ve been talking about breaking our new years resolutions!

Superdry Carl’s resolution is to #EatCleanFor2013. – Continuing his “six-pack by 2015″ challenge that he has a £50 bet on!

Superdry Steph’s resolution is to see things more positively and not focus on the negative things in life (Woah, man! That’s deep!)

Other things mentioned in the office include giving up chocolate (yeah right!) and to hitting the gym (Every. Single. Day). There’s also talk of money saving, making the most of 2013 and getting on a mission to see as many countries as possible!

Find us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you’re resolutions are for 2013!

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