The very name conjures up the image of finesse. The image of exquisite hand-detailed embellishment, unrivalled attention to detail, romantic crinolines and uncompromising silhouettes.

Born from a fresh and innovative British designer outside of the Superdry stable, Luxe is a range that gives femininity the edge, by way of a premium capsule collection juxtaposing extravagant dresses with luxurious loungewear.

But what truly elevates LUXE is the time, the craftsmanship and the inspiration that has gone into the curation of each piece; all hand embellished with locally sourced sequins and beads from the very place that inspired the collection.

Highlights include the Debutante dress – a classic sequinned silhouette with beaded neck and arm garniture; The Prom Dress – strapless with hand-sewn sequins and flared skirt, and the Academy Dress – A sleeveless jersey dress that effortlessly emphasises a hand-embellished beaded neckline and pleated waistline.

The aforementioned luxurious loungewear, comprised of hoods, tops, crews and more are the LUXE wardrobe staples. All pieces were put through various processes to compliment the beading and give a super-soft under hand feel.

The line, designed exclusively for women, is a true showcase of affordable luxury this party season and is available across 34 stores nationwide and online at

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