Superdry-sponsored James Lowsley Williams has had a busy few months recently. Multiple races and training to better himself as well as working with the Team UK Youth have meant we have had lots to catch up about!

Travelling across the globe has ensured James is at the top of his game when it comes to his cycling. It’s safe to say he is competing at a very high level. In James’ own words; “I love racing at this level. Firstly it pushes me physically, to reach for more and better levels of performance. Day on day of training and race after race, I feel myself getting stronger and more experienced” His ability to push himself and team mates to victory has been proven on many occasions; something to be extremely proud of for an Olympic 2016 hopeful!

James’ race schedule includes the Dengie Marshes – the equivalent to the premier league in football, where he came in 15th out of 150 of the best riders in the UK. You may have even seen James and Team UK Youth on ITV4 in the Halfords tour, where they placed 3rd overall!

He tells us how he comes away from these races in better fitness and with more confidence that comes from succeeding at something new. This is exactly why we teamed up with this budding Olympiad.

“Like you all, I am cheering on Team GB at the upcoming Olympics and when I’ve not been training in the pouring rain on my bike or riding for the team, I have been watching the Tour De France and cheering on Wiggins.”

We are wishing James and Team UK Youth all the best of luck in their upcoming competitions and hope our Superdry fans will be flying the red white and blue flags, too!

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