In a little under a century, the humble polo shirt has developed from a practical sportswear item into an iconic fashion garment for smart or casual wear. Its simple design combated the cumbersome nature of traditional sportswear and since being unveiled for the first time at the 1926 U.S. Open tennis championships, sportspeople (and fashionistas alike) have never looked back.

Having originally been designed as an item of tennis wear, the garment had by the 1950s been adopted by the international polo playing crowd, and the term polo shirt soon became a universal moniker for the design, despite its tennis heritage. Throughout the 1970s, the design gained prominence in the fashion world, with high-end labels using the design within their cutting edge collections. It became synonymous with the world of golf in the latter part if the 20th century and as such is often referred to as a golf shirt, in addition to the original term, tennis shirt.

Whatever direction this designer top is heading in next, one thing is for sure, the polo shirt is here to stay, and here at Superdry we’re embracing it.

From our traditional, understated classic pique polo to the appliqué logos on our jersey stripe polo, our time-honoured designs have become a cornerstone of our men’s and women’s product ranges. Available in a huge variety of over 150 design and colour combinations, all stamped with our unique Superdry design elements; we have the perfect polo for every occasion, whether you’re looking for men’s polos or women’s polos.

Pique Polos

Superdry pique polo tops are weaved using a technique that creates a subtle ribbed effect within the cotton fabric. A stylish, comfortable and luxurious finish, pique polo’s are traditionally worn for athletics due to their highly absorbent qualities.

Vintage Stripe Polos

Superdry vintage stripe polo’s utilise a double-stripe pattern and a contrasting colour way to create an iconic informal polo top. With velvet neck taping and reinforced side gussets, this is a high end tennis shirt with style and substance.

Applique Polos

Our appliqué polos feature an abundance of designs to add an extra dimension to our range of tennis shirts. With an array of distinctive chest logos, badges, crests and banners on offer, you’ll stand out in the crowd whichever style you choose.

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  1. Simon says:

    Love the designs, and also the plainer ones on your website, your polos definitely deserve praise. It’d be nice to have a proper sports range though with lighter performance fabrics, I’d love to be able to wear Superdry when playing tennis or squash.

  2. bluehouse says:

    The ultimate collection of polo T-shirts. It’s hard to pick the best one but I like the blue shirt in second photo. Suggest me for that because I want to have it.commercial photographers denver

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