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brad leather jacket
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Motorcycle Rebel - empty roads, a setting sun & distressed leather style.
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From The Great Escape and Easy Rider, to Top Gun and Wild Hogs, the leather jacket has long been associated with biker movies. These iconic films have become synomous with the fashion world and have set off trends such as the neckerchief and the now iconic Aviator glasses. Our latest themed look displays our vintage Superdry twist on the classic biker style, featuring Aviator style shades, heavy duty denim and, of course, plenty of distressed leather…

From the bottom up, a good pair of leather boots is the perfect start to a biker look, and the Superdry Outpost Light Boot certainly doesn’t disappoint, featuring a weathered finish, elasticated side panels and embossed leather logo tab. A pair of Officer Slim Denim jeans is their perfect companion with a distressed finish and five pocket design with button fly. Pair up these vintage jeans with the Classic Handcut Belt featuring a metal buckle, embossed end design and original handcut finish.

For the torso, button up the 100% cotton Washbasket Shirt featuring check design, removable collar darts, two chest pockets and embroidered logo pocket & hem patches. Then slide into our iconic Brad Leather Jacket, which is 100% super-soft full grain leather with six pocket design, embroidered shoulder motif, layered collar detail and the classic distressed finish.

Top off the look with a pair of Powder Sunglasses, our play on the all time classic Aviator for the complete biker style. These shades feature an engraved metal logo detail, engraved arm logos and 100% protection from UV rays, so you’ll never be more comfortable when riding into the sunset…

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