January’s 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine sees our Superdry core pieces being featured over two pages in the addition! The lumberjack twill shirt (center picture) is worn over our yet to be launched denim sweetheart basque top.  springing into action, our Superdry Longisle crew top  is worn with our newly arrived ear muffs for a brilliant winter look! Visit your Local Superdry store or website for more Superdry pieces.

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  1. jp sutcliffe says:

    I am looking for an internship – paid or unpaid – regards

    photography (within a fashion context).

    I am willing to assist in photography shoot, set up studios etc

    - in the hope of furthering myself and enhancing my working

    practice in the medium of photography.

    Even if the work is an odd day or two, please bear me in mind,

    as I wish to refine my working engagement with photography.

    All help appreciated.

    Kindest regards;

    JP Sutcliffe.

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