We have opened a new Superdry store at the monumental Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield. The shop stands at just over 6000 square feet which means you can browse our full range of great clothing within the fascinating Sheffield. Currently our largest Superdry store in the UK, it is a place definitely worth seeing!

Meadowhall Centre, 28 High Street, Sheffield, S9 1EP

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  1. Pete Robinson says:

    I wonder if you could tell me if you stock the mens Goldwing 68 t shirt (yellow),can only remember seeing the red there,thankyou.

  2. Julie says:

    Do you have the alumni bag in blue with 20% off the £39.95 price thanks

  3. Donna Watts says:

    Do you have in stock the mens leather bomber jacket (colour chimney)? Thankyou.

  4. Stephen says:

    Do you stock women’s polar hooded jacket in black and orange. If so what is the price.
    Thank you

  5. xanimegirlx says:

    This is rather strange but there is a guy working at the meadowhall store..I do not know his name but he has blond hair and facial piercings.. I have been trying to pluck up the courage to speak to him but I get too shy .__.

    This is a long shot but if someone could pass this message on then I would be grateful. I think he will know me when he sees me as hes seen me a couple of times loitering around like a lost sheep xD

    Many Thanks x

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